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Local 4H member auctioning chickens at Farmington Fair to benefit family of injured teacher

Andrew Bagley and his three chickens.

FARMINGTON - An eight-year-old member of 4H will raise funds for a New Vineyard family by auctioning off chickens at the Farmington Fair next week.

Hannah Webber, 30 of New Vineyard, was injured after she was thrown from her tractor on the South Strong Road on Aug. 31. The community has responded by raising money to help the popular teacher and farmer, while Webber's friends and family members have rallied to help run the family's dairy farm.

Andrew Bagley, an eight-year-old Farmington member of the Supper on the Table Club and the Franklin County Dairy Club, was listening to a conversation between his parents and older brother, Jason, about how to help out the Webbers. Jason Bagley has been a student in Hannah Webber's class, while Andrew met her while wrestling for the Mat Cats.

Both Bagley boys show livestock all over the state, raising market animals to sell at auctions at various fairs.

Andrew decided to help by donating all the proceeds from the auction of his broiler hens to the Webber family. The birds will be sold as a set of three at the auction on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

"He just witnessed how a community can come together and do amazing things for others at Windsor fair," Lilly Bagley, Andrew's mother said. "Another 4H member from a different county, Dale Strout, auctioned off his market lamb 'Goose' to have all proceeds go to a dear friend that was diagnosed with cancer. Andrew is hoping his meat bird proceeds can help the Webber family in any way possible."

The three birds are currently averaging around the nine pound mark. Andrew takes care of the birds with the help of Jason: they feed and water the hens twice a day, clean out their pen and make sure the birds stay at the right temperature and don't get sick.

"As an agricultural community, we all try and stick together," Lilly Bagley said. "If someone is in need, we all try and pitch in the best we can, every little bit helps. My husband and I try and teach the boys we help where help is needed."

Wednesday's auction will begin at 6:30 p.m. It is preceded by a buyer's meet and greet at 5:30 p.m., where auction animals can be viewed and their respective 4H members can be met. Other members will be selling hogs, lambs and turkeys. Funds raised at the auction go back to the kids, who can use it to purchase or feed additional animals.

Purchased animals can be taken home by the winning bidder, resold to an organization of the bidder's choice or donated as meat to a local food bank. Questions about the 4H auction can be directed to Sarah Churchill via email at

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  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing Andrew. I know the Webber family and all the community sure does appreciate your generosity. :)

  2. What a dear sweet thing for you boys to do for your teacher. You boys have really touched my heart with your kindness and show of love for your fellow human beings. I hope your generosity blazes like a fire throughout
    the community and the love shines!

    God Bless you both for being a blessing to others.


  3. Nice job, Andrew. You're still 'Showing Kindness'! Mrs. Webber will really appreciate it.
    Thanks to the whole Bagley family for a very caring effort!

  4. Good job,boys! I hope others learn kindness from you.

  5. Wow, those chickens look tasty. I'll be biddin on those rascals!!!!

  6. A wonderful, kind and caring thing to do, nice job Andrew.

  7. So wonderful in so many ways. God bless you and your sweet family. Love to all of you.

  8. Wisdom flows from heart to hands,
    That’s how a boy becomes a man.

    Blessings to Andrew, healing for Hannah.

  9. Thank you Andrew for having such a great big heart and than you to your parents for the way they are raising you and your brother.