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Local author encourages outdoor adventures

Waterfall Walks & Short Hikes is available at local bookstores and outdoor equipment stores.

FARMINGTON - A new guide written by local author Doug Dunlap has been released just in time for the warm summer months, helping outdoor enthusiasts and novices alike see more of Franklin County.

Dunlap is the author of several guides to local adventures, including not just hiking, but water routes as well. The avid outdoorsman has accomplished each and every excursion outlined in his books, offering details that only someone who has experienced the routes can give.

His most recent book, Waterfall Walks & Short Hikes in the Western Mountains of Maine, details 39 different excursions, each with a hefty reward of views, swims, waterfalls and relaxation. The trips are meant to inspire and encourage everyone in Franklin County to get out and appreciate all that the region has to offer.

"These are great starter hikes and would be wonderful for starting a family tradition of hiking. They may also appeal to those just seeking a shorter walk through nature. These are places where people may wish to pack a lunch, a good book, or even a sketch pad," Dunlap said.

Dunlap not only relishes his time spent hiking and boating in nature, he is also an advocate for children to adopt the healthy habit. Most recently Dunlap helped initiate a walk-a-thon to raise money for a walking path around the playground at W.G. Mallett School in Farmington. The path, when finished, will provide students with a measured track to exercise on, and will also be available to the public for use outside of school hours.

Waterfall Walks & Short Hikes is available at local bookstores and outdoor equipment stores.

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  1. Just bought this at Twice Sold Tales--wonderful book! Lively writing, very useful. Thanks, Doug!