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Local delivery service bringing restaurants into the living room


Granary owner Rick Mealey and Downtown Delivery founder Justin Richard.

The delivery service can be accessed through the website:

FARMINGTON - A new delivery service will soon be available to those wanting to eat out without leaving their living rooms.

Downtown Delivery, founded by Justin Richard, will offer an easy-to-use online ordering system featuring the menus of five different restaurants including The Granary Pub and Restaurant, The Dugout Bar and Grill, The Homestead Kitchen, Bar and Bakery, Jade Palace and Mosher’s Seafood.

“That’s our starting line up. I want to work with them for the first three or four months before adding any more,” Richard said.

The Mt. Blue graduate has been working out the kinks of his plan for almost three years now. After coming in as a runner-up in the Main Street Skowhegan Savings Entrepreneur Challenge he was finally able to turn his dream into a reality. As a runner-up in the challenge, Richard received free legal and business consulting as well as the opportunity to attend workshops and gain the knowledge of experienced business owners.

The Entrepreneur Challenge is part of Skowhegan’s efforts to revitalize the local area. Richard said he plans to expand Downtown Delivery to Skowhegan as soon as possible after ironing out the model here in Farmington.

“The goal is to support local businesses. My job is to drive sales for them, both literally and figuratively,” Richard said.

Restaurant owners are provided with a login so they can get online and check the status of their food being delivered. They can make sure it is being delivered in a timely manner, as well as look at customer’s reviews of their food.

Richard hopes to get lots of business from the big employers like Franklin Health and Barclays in Wilton. His opening day, Jan. 23, is being marketed as “Don’t Pack a Launch” day, hoping it will encourage employees to leave the brown bag at home and order out using Downtown Delivery.

The young but confident entrepreneur has used clever marketing to gain hundreds of followers on social media. With the help of Millennial Multimedia, a graphic design and new media company, Richard plans on creating an app for smartphone users to make ordering online even easier. For the less tech savvy crowd, Richard says he will be running an ad with Narrow Gauge Cinemas, as well as hard copy flyers around town.

Customers will be charged a delivery fee, but Richard plans on keeping it low. The company will deliver within a 10 mile radius, expanding further after establishing the business model.

For more information, you can visit or find Downtown Delivery on Facebook.

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  1. It's a very successful idea out west, and I've wanted to try it myself. I really hope it works!! Do they go as far as Strong??

  2. I am WAY too excited about this !!!!!

  3. Great job Justin. We're very excited to be part of this. Thanks for your hard work

  4. Can't wait for this. Jay we are so happy for you and can't wait to sit back on Sundays and have the wings brought to me!

  5. Congratulations Justin!

  6. this is not a new idea, it has been done in quincy mass for the past 20 years, good luck

  7. ^^^ karen no one said this is new, in fact this is an old buisness model that will work really well in this town. Its also currently in portland and all over the country.

  8. I think it's a great idea and love that they will offer delivery within 10 miles. It will reach a lot people and I plan to use his service for sure. It will be great after a long day for those of who don't work in town and want some delicious food we don't have to cook ourselves :)

  9. Cheer up Karen, maybe it will make it here too.

  10. This sounds great - can't wait to try it out. Good luck, Justin!

  11. This has been done in bigger towns, I hope it is a big success for this town. Maine is always slow at creating new ideas, therefore, Good Luck!

  12. My husband and I have discussed this very thing....glad to see someone is launching it. Can't wait to partake! Great idea for our community.

  13. Wish i lived within your 10 mile radius..I would give it a try!
    Sounds like a wonderful service..
    Congratulations, and best of luck!

  14. Best wishes on your new service here in town.

  15. Justin - Good job man ! A true champion, who WILL be successful.

  16. Good Luck in you endeavor Justin. Much success to you.


  17. What a fantastic idea!!!

  18. great idea...but most folks like to have a cocktail b 4 they eat. so r you going to deliver drinks w ur meals ??......just saying...

  19. really Ralph Searles Jr? Obviously if you wanted to have a so called cocktail with your meal you would be going out or you'd have your own at home.
    It is so nice to see young people that have grown up here remain in the area and try to make a living. I hope there are nothing but supportive comments for this young man and who knows Justin you may be able to add the cocktails at a later date for Mr. Searles LOL.

  20. Great idea! Good luck!

  21. So excited about this!

  22. Strong?? I know at work in Phillips we would love it

  23. New Sharon?

  24. Expand to Phillips and my hubby and I will be regulars!

  25. so many shut in, elderly, and such. this will be a great service. Previously, our choices were very, very limited.

  26. Great new business for the area. Great to have a new business in the community and to support local restaurants! Congratulations!