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Local hairdresser doubles as inventor

Yvonne Teele using the QuadBowl. Photo courtesy of

FARMINGTON - A local salon owner has recently branched out of her comfort zone, following her entrepreneurial drive to invent a product for the hairstyling industry.

This isn't the firs time Yvonne Teele has started a business from scratch. The veteran hairstylist first started her own salon years ago downtown and made several transitions before finally landing at 223 Main St. Having gained reliable clients over the years, Teele said she felt confident in taking over Main Street business- Suite One Salon.

"I just remember praying the whole way over that if it was meant to be I'd really feel good about it. The minute I walked in I loved it," Teele said.

Teele celebrated four years in her studio this past summer, two of which she has spent starting an additional business- the QuadBowl of Teele Hair Products. Running a salon and inventing a product are two different ball parks however, and Teele found herself on a steep learning curve throughout the two-year process.

The QuadBowl is a four compartment bowl meant for hair coloring product. Each section has a waterproof, blank label for identifying the colors needed and the center of the bowl provides a timer with an indicator. The slip-proof bottom and comfortable handle were details that Teele thought of herself after twenty years of using inadequate containers.

"The product had been in my mind. It's easy to get confused with coloring, if you have to walk away and get distracted or if you're gabbing with a client. We've made it work, but I kept thinking that someone should make something," Teele said.

The process was a new one to Teele, from working with a lawyer to patten her design, to figuring out advertising and the wordage for her website. Teele said she had a leg up because of her work with the public. She found help through the local community, and tried to use Maine-based companies whenever possible.

"I could go on and on, so many people pitched in. A lot of people did a lot of different things. I'm grateful for this community," she said.

The QuadBowl is already on the scene with local hairdressers and is available for sale on Amazon and Teele's website.

"I tried to go above and beyond putting together what I know hairdressers need," Teele said.

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  1. You should try to get on Shark Tank. At any rate, congratulations!

  2. Yvonne deserves the best. She goes beyond for her clients. Keep up the good work

  3. Good for you Yvonne! that is wonderful! Will pray for continued success of the salon and the quad-bowl.

    God Bless you,

  4. Yvonne is such a great person. Good luck with the invention. Salon's all around will thank you!!

  5. My precious lil ding dong!
    I knew you could do anything
    Love ya firebug

  6. Congratulations Yvonne! good luck with the invention. That is awesome.

    God Bless your endeavor,


  7. Well done, Yvonne!! Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations, Yvonne!!! I hope this goes far and wide!! Wishing you all the best!

  9. Good job kid!!!