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Main Street collision sends two to hospital

A Chevrolet Impala and a Toyota Camry collided on Main Street Tuesday, resulting in two people being transported to the hospital.

FARMINGTON - A crash sent a driver and her passenger to the hospital Tuesday, after two vehicles collided on Main Street Tuesday afternoon.

According to Detective Darin Gilbert of the Farmington Police Department, the crash occurred near the Rite Aid on Main Street. A 2006 Chevrolet Impala, operated by Michele Davis, 41 of Dixfield, was traveling east on the road when she slowed to turn left into Rite Aid. A truck in the travel lane stopped to let the Impala turn left. While turning, Gilbert said, the Impala struck a westbound 2007 Toyota Camry in the second lane that had not been observed by Davis.

The Camry was operated by Ronald Dube, 59 of Avon. He was checked out by NorthStar EMS at the scene but not transported.

Davis and her passenger, Daren McLean, 50 of Canton, both complained of neck pain and were transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital by NorthStar. A hospital spokesperson said Tuesday afternoon that both individuals were treated and released.

Both vehicles were believed to be total losses and towed from the scene, Gilbert said. Farmington Fire Rescue responded to assist with traffic control.

No charges are pending as a result of the crash, Gilbert said.

A Toyota Camry that collided with a Chevrolet Impala Tuesday on Main Street.

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  1. The GOOD SAMARITAN should get a ticket for doing that.
    The lady should have known better.
    The guy who ran into them should have seen what was going on.
    It's 25 MPH .. you would think plenty of time to stop.
    Just s whole bunch of mistakes.

    Don't be a good Samaritan "like this".

  2. If the westbound Camry had a green light then the ‘courteous’ driver in the truck should be arrested along with the eastbound turning Impala. I’m so sick of people not following basic driving rules. When in two lanes of moving traffic a person in one of the lanes should never stop to allow the pretty girl, or whatever, to make a turn. You very well might kill the driver you’re trying to be nice to. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished....JK!! Please don’t lecture.

  3. I agree with I refuse. That's a setup waiting for an accident. You don't stop in the left lane to let someone cross over, because thee's that other lane there. I've had several "do gooders" who have tried that on me. Wake up. tere's another lane there. Actually, that whole intersection should be re organized. Just like most places taht have a major left turn. So, left lane for left turn only. Right lane for people going through, and then, on the bridge, lanes would separate into those continuing on Rt 2&4, and those turning onto bridge street, instead of the stupid merge frm two lanes into one on the bridge.

  4. REfUSE and Planet and maybe others are making excellent points here. Traffic rules work when we all follow them so we know what to expect. It almost never improves things when drivers make up their own rules on the spot. Act predictably on the road.

  5. I have to agree. People need to learn how to drive and that when you have the right of way to just take it because things like this happen all the time. People have no clue how dangerous it is to let someone turn, especially in 2 lanes of traffic.

  6. Lets be honest.....Everyone is in too much of a hurry. How many cannot wait a second while someone driving the correct speed, slows to make a turn. Drivers speeding up going west into the merge just past the hospital just to beat the driver on the inside lane. A 45 MPH zone past Walmart.??? What is that ?
    This time of year drivers are thinking of shopping instead of safe driving. Wake up and slow down or spend your Christmas in a Intensive Care Unit.

  7. No charges filed on the truck driver? Why not? Not even named in the article.

    I worry sometimes about foot traffic on that stretch in the summertime - kids running across the street when I stop for them - and some kids don't slow down and look for traffic coming who may not be seeing a pedestrian crossing.

  8. I agree with everyone....and still I need to say - It looks like a lot of damage for 25 MPH

  9. I would go one step further, eliminate the two lanes in both directions and put in a turn only lane. Heading into town there is only one lane, and Harding out, just after the bridge, there is only one lane. It makes more sense to me to do this than the way it is set up now.

  10. Another vehicle incident because drivers can't/don't follow the rules of the road that were designed to keep all drivers safe. The truck driver should be cited for failing to operate his truck according to the laws setting an example to all drivers - being 'nice' is not aways a good idea.

  11. I love it (not) when do-gooders think they're being so nice by letting someone in when in reality they're being jerks to the line of cars behind them.

  12. I understand being nice and holding the door for someone but don't confuse being nice with creating a dangerous situation in traffic. I have actually had people get upset with me because I didn't go when they were trying to be nice because I know I do not have the right of way. I have actually put my car in park and waited an uncomfortable amount of time at four way stops because someone was trying to let me go only to have them peel out and wave there arms around like a lunatic. When I lived in other parts of the country I noticed some people expect you to let them go and get visibly upset when you take your right of way. One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to rural Maine was that people won't let you go and only then did I realize the importance of right of way travel. The last five words of Hoehne's post sums it up perfectly. Be safe.

  13. Well I do agree with traffic laws being followed most of you seem to have gone for the Jugular. I don't think the "do-gooders" are trying to be jerks to the vehicles behind him/her but you know take the negative approach to every situation because most people do nowadays. We live in such selfish hateful times. So man in the truck. . .no you shouldn't of stopped but hats off to you for at least trying to be nice unlike most selfish greedy people.

  14. Well, I have stopped there to allow traffic to enter or exit Main St when the light is red & cars are backed up. Otherwise, I'm blocking them, as I sit idling in front of Rite Aid or Irving. It's not clear from the article that the driver of the truck wasn't doing just that. If I can't see past a stopped truck or van, I'm certainly not making a turn into or out of there. Yes, plenty of drivers will go speeding up the right lane (to the red light) without caution. I'm on high alert whenever I pass those 3 businesses in a row.

  15. " .no you shouldn't of stopped but hats off to you for at least trying to be nice unlike most selfish greedy people. "
    Trying to be nice should earn a trophy? How about taking the general consensus and learn from a mistake.

  16. Even a simpler fix to traffic flow, simply remove Main Street curb cuts and have all the business use the bridge intersection and the lower Front Street intersection by means of an off street common access road. Much like the way it is done in large urban settings

  17. Ok so the good Samaritan had good intentions....
    Get it?

    To those that got their little feelings hurt by the criticism of the do gooder,,
    I personally have witnessed a DEATH caused by this sort of "taking the law into their own hands" behavior.
    If you want "feelings", what about the victims families feelings.
    This is not a small issue. Severe consequences are likely from people doing this..
    The laws are there to keep people safe.
    This message needs to be "HEARD".. LOUD AND CLEAR !!

    Stay Safe. Obey the law.

  18. Completely agree with Mr.Donahue

  19. Anyone think It’s possible the Good Samaritan wasn’t stopping for her at all but to make the left turn, and she made the other part to seem less idiotic for pulling into oncoming traffic that she couldn’t see? So instead of saying I screwed up, she says someone told me to do it.