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Maine Trail Finder: Connecting businesses with outdoor tourism

Maine Trail Finders aims to connect outdoor tourism with local businesses.

FARMINGTON - As the season ramps up with hikers, paddlers, bikers and more, local businesses have the opportunity to promote their services through a website that specifically aims to connect the two.

Maine Trail Finder, owned and operated by Center for Community GIS, allows users to find recreational opportunities, while supporting local economies at the same time. The website has been around since 2010 but has picked up speed in the last few years according to GIS Director Stephen Engle.

"We're seeing more and more usage," he said.

Visitors to the site can sign up to be a user, which offers certain perks such as keeping trails organized in different lists of favorites, goals and accomplishments. Users can earn badges for their participation, and, with recent updates, can access recommendations for nearby hospitality, shopping, entertainment and more. The current promotional offering allows businesses to advertise their service for $99.

"We're different than other crowd-sources websites. We connect users directly with the people who maintain the trails," Engle said.

The system of 900 plus trails also include a calendar of outdoor, recreation-based events such as bird watching and races. At the end of 2018 the site had 400,000 users who were logging 1.2 million page views.

"It's exciting. We've really turned a corner and it's a great resource for Maine," Engle said.

To use Maine Trail Finder click here.

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  1. Maine Trail Finders is a fun and unique resource I use quite often. It's great for when you are planning a trip or vacation in Maine and want to know where you can hike trails when you are away. Recently, I wanted a local trail near my son's medical appointment and found a few which I never knew existed. You may be driving by a gem of a trail every day and not even be aware of it. Thank you, Maine Trail Finders!