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Man allegedly visits police station with cocaine in his shoes, arrested

FARMINGTON - A Livermore man was arrested and charged with aggravated trafficking Saturday, after he allegedly visited the police department with cocaine concealed in his shoes.

William Tardif

William Tardif, 42, of Livermore, has been charged with aggravated trafficking of a scheduled drug.

According to the Farmington Police Department, Tardif went to the police station at roughly 4 p.m. on Aug. 7, to pick up a copy of a document. He was being assisted by part-time officer Brian Ross, who has a full-time position as an agent with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Ross, according to MDEA Supervisor Gerry Baril, recognized Tardif and realized he was under federal probation and subject to search and testing for drugs at the request of a law enforcement officer. Tardif reportedly had a known criminal history of transporting drugs in his shoes.

"Tardif is known to have hidden cocaine in his shoes in the past," Baril said.

Ross asked to see Tardif's shoes and reportedly discovered 14 grams of cocaine. Tardif was arrested and transported to Franklin County jail. The charge is aggravated due to prior trafficking convictions.

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  1. My God, we have some truly stupid criminals around here. First, breaking into a pharmacy and smiling for the surveillance camera, now taking street drugs into a police station. I can't wait for the next chapter.

  2. Not exactly the brightest bulb is he!

  3. and some people say drugs don't cause stupid

  4. All the Farmington PD needs for its next anti-drug campaign is a picture of that guy.

  5. woodstock escapee!!!!!!

  6. Way too young for Woodstock. Bet he's been to hempfest though.

  7. Hellooooo...subject to search at anytime...Yup I'd hide it in my shoes too...STUPID!

  8. They will never find it in my shoe again, hahaha

  9. I guess he has a roof over his head and food in his stomach for awhile. What a way to be reconized!