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McDonald’s employee receives diploma through online program

JAY - An employee of McDonald's was recently recognized by the company for her hard work in obtaining her high school diploma through a program offered by the corporation.

21-year-old Abigayle DePalma has worked for the Jay McDonald's for a little more than a year, living at her father's farm while doing so. DePalma left school with 14 credits left to go, but finally completed the credits this summer through an online program offered by McDonald's. She completed her remaining credits within two months and will walk in a graduation ceremony next week.

"I had a lot of issues with school. I never really thought I would finish, but one of my managers suggested the program and I decided to try it. It was really nice. Anything I needed I had help with," DePalma said.

DePalma is the second McDonald's employee in the state to complete the program.

Employees are eligible when meeting the following criteria:

You are currently employed by a participating Franchise Owner/Operator.
You are employed by the same Franchise Owner/Operator at least 90 cumulative days as of the time of the Tuition Assistance Request application completion.
You work an average of 15 hours per week for that Franchise Owner/Operator.
You are in good standing as determined by the Franchise Owner/Operator.
You have roughly 8 to 10 hours per week to dedicate to the program

The McDonald’s in Jay is one of 10 McDonald’s in the State of Maine owned and operated by Peter and Sal Napoli. They are recognized by McDonald's as leaders. One example of this is the McDonald’s initiative to modernize restaurants across the Nation. In the last few years the Napoli group has done major remodels in three of the Maine restaurants they operate. The first was in Farmington. The Napoli group took this opportunity to do some great things for the community as part of the grand re-opening. The restaurant partnered with a local elementary school for a Grand Reopening weekend and gave a percentage of sales to W.G. Mallett School.

In 2016 a modernization was completed in Rumford. There was a similar partnership at the South Paris McDonald's and the Paris elementary school and this resulted in the school getting $5,000. Last November a modernization was completed in Rumford and their partner was Rumford Elementary school who received $2,500.

In all three of these communities the Napoli’s presented $1,000 to the local Parks & Rec. departments to promote a fun and activit lifestyle.

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  1. Good for Abigayle! Your a winner and a great example in my book!!!!! Nice to see her employer helped her along!!!!

  2. Nice story. And Congratulations on completing your high school diploma.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ABIGAYLE !!!! So proud of your accomplishment.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for her and so nice that she took it. Sounds like great leadership by these owners.

  5. Abigayle,
    Congratulations! Always knew you could do it!
    Nancy Allen