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MSAD 58 budget passes

In the MSAD 58 towns Avon, Kingfield, Phillips and Strong, the majority of the voters cast ballots in favor of a $9.74 million budget for K-12 education.

That budget represents an increase of $329,578 in expenditures over the current fiscal year, or 3.5 percent. It is projected to result in $291,000 in additional local assessment, or 7.2 percent, apportioned between the four towns in accordance with their state valuation numbers.

Avon, Kingfield and Strong all passed the budget, while Phillips voted against it, resulting in 111 votes in favor of validating the budget and 68 votes opposed. Turnout was generally low across the district.

All four towns voted to continue holding budget validation referendums.

Question 1 addresses the 2019-20 budget. Question 2, a reoccurring item that appears every three years per state law, asks whether voters wish to continue holding budget validation referendums.

Town results:

Avon - Question 1 - 11 yes, 7 no
Avon - Question 2 - 12 yes, 6 no

Kingfield - Question 1 - 34 yes, 3 no
Kingfield - Question 2 - 31 yes, 6 no

Phillips - Question 1 - 18 yes, 28 no
Phillips - Question 2 - 35 yes, 11 no

Strong - Question 1 - 48 yes, 30 no
Strong - Question 2 - 59 yes, 17 no

- Question 1 - 111 yes, 68 no
Total - Question 2 - 137 yes, 40 no

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11 Responses »

  1. Awful lot of money to graduate ~50 kids per year.

  2. Yeah it is and they cannot read cursive writing, go figure....lets get them more computers.

  3. Ms. Haines...when was the last time you had to read cursive writing? Im 39 years old and I haven't seen cursive writing used by adults in nearly 20 years. Actually I don't remember the last time I received a hand written letter. Your comment is ignorant of the times in front of us. Its ok for an archaic skill to go by the wayside in favor of skills that fit the 21st Century (those of my generation are probably even the last writing out paper checks).

  4. When I went to Paris Island some years ago the only thing we were allowed to write in cursive was our signature. I haven’t used it since not even on a paper check. My kids know how to write it because my wife and I taught them. I really don’t need a teacher to do some things for me except teach them about computers. Some parents should start teaching more if they don’t like the public education system.

  5. Alison, it is called "the dumbing down of America" and as you can see it is working. Same arguments surface like it's outdated, time for change,what do you need it for etc and these comments in themselves are proof that IT IS WORKING. the dumb getting dumber.

  6. Careful FormalWiltonite, there will be a time that this current type of public education becomes archaic and goes the way of cursive writing. Is it truly needed now other than being a giant money funnel.
    Why even teach math when there is a program to do it for you? It's called exercise of the brain. Which gets soft and out of shape if not worked.

  7. I agree billyjoebob , so if they don't need writing or Math , that's two less jobs, so the budget shouldn't go up so much........oh and In sorry I am "ignorant" I guess it goes with my education, must I add I have an Associates Degree.

  8. Teaching at UMF I can attest to a few things: 1) students tend to still write in class exams in cursive, as much now as they did 25 years ago; 2) my kids who are in school both learned cursive in school here in Farmington; 3) students at UMF are more impressive and better informed about global events than any time since I've been paying attention (and I'm 59 years old, so that's a long time); and 4) while many kids may be losing themselves in their phones, they also have a sophisticated knowledge of how the internet works and what the information revolution means. Unlike their elders who protested with signs and marches, if they see a problem they find practical ways to do something to address it. So I'm really optimistic that the youth of this country are on the right track, and will save us.

    My generation? We messed everything up. Total US government debt was 30% in 1980, now it's over 100%. But it's not just government - private and public debt had been about 150% of GDP for decades, starting in 1980 it rose to nearly 400% of GDP! We've messed up the environment, exported manufacturing jobs abroad, and leave the youth with a lot of problems to solve. My generation had a 40 year party and we're leaving youth the bill. So I feel given my generation's horrid track record, I will NOT put down young people who have to deal with the mess!

  9. Well said Scott. I am always so appreciative of your insights and honesty.

  10. " they will save us "
    This generation seems to be having a tough time taking selfies without fatal injury, lotsa luck.