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Nature: Up close and personal

Warmer weather is finally here and Franklin County's many talented photographers are here to bring readers the best shots of nature and those who live in it. The basis for the Sunday collections goes back to March 2011, when author and photographer Jane Naliboff of Chesterville began sending a few pictures each week. Other photographers have since joined the effort, creating one of the Bulldog's most widely appreciated features. If you are interested in contributing, please send photos to

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrows. (Terri Ziolkowwski)

Fawns in a field in Weld. (Dennis York)

One quick pose before running. (Dennis York)

Sandy River at Farmington Falls. (Teresa Ziolkowski)

White Admiral butterfly in Wilton. (Thomas Oliver/Wilton)

Male and female Bobolinks at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Thomas Oliver/Wilton)

House Wren at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Thomas Oliver/Wilton)

Ducklings at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Thomas Oliver/Wilton)

Pine Warbler in Weld. (Thomas Oliver/Wilton)

"I'll get that fish thank you!" A Snowy Egret and a Canada Goose sharing the same fishing spot. Scarborough Marsh. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A Glossy Ibis looking for food; Scarborough Marsh. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

An Osprey in East Wilton. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Two immature Bald Eagles waiting for mom or dad to come back. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A Bald Eagle looking over Wilson Lake for something good for the babies. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

The Buck stops here. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Colorful Sunset (Jennifer Ellsworth/West Farmington)

Sunset (Jennifer Ellsworth/West Farmington)

Late blooming Lily. (Jennifer Ellsworth/West Farmington)

Preening puffin. (Jane Naliboff)

Up close and very personal with a dragonfly hitchiker. (Jane Naliboff)

Atlantic Puffin by Eastern Egg Rock. (Jane Naliboff)

Sailing in haze outside of Boothbay Harbor. (Jane Naliboff)

Puffins on Eastern Egg Rock. (Jane Naliboff)

Puffin running for take off. Puffins can fly up to 55 MPH and dive as deep as two hundred feet. They mate for life, breed at around five years old having just one chick per summer, and can live as long as 36 years. At six weeks, puffin chicks come out from their burrows at night at the same time. They all toddle to the ocean knowing how to swim, and swim out to the middle of the ocean where they remain for 2-3 years before returning to the island where they were born. (Jane Naliboff)

Cormorant spreading its wings after feeding. Unlike loons who are waterproof, cormorants outer feathers get water logged and require drying by spreading and flapping them. Some people call this the Vampire pose. (Jane Naliboff)

Double Rainbow (Jennifer Ellsworth/West Farmington)

Evenings on Webb Lake. (Heidi Smith/Starks)

Evenings on Webb Lake. (Heidi Smith/Starks)

American RedStart. (Ernie Hall/Jay)

Palm Warbler (Ernie Hall/Jay)

Magnolia Warbler (juvenile) (Ernie Hall/Jay)

Chestnut-Sided Warbler. (Ernie Hall/Jay)

Black & White Warbler (Ernie Hall/Jay)

Common Yellowthroat (Ernie Hall/Jay)

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  1. One of my favorite websites & many of my favorite birds and animals always, thank you.

  2. Awesome pictures this week. Thank you everyone for sharing them. I look forward to viewing them every week.

  3. Great Puffin pictures and info !

  4. Wonderful pictures; but my favorites are those of the puffins because I have never seen one in real life.

  5. Awesome pictures, always look forward to them, and , Thanks Jane, for the information on puffins, very interesting..,

  6. A privilege to live in such a beautiful place, and to have so many share their exquisite images with those of us who have neither the skill nor the patience. Thanks to all who do!!!

  7. As usual, no disappointments here! You all rock!! and each of you have their own perspective. I can look at a photo and almost immediately know who took it before seeing the name.

    I hope you all take great pride in knowing what you (obviously) love to do is enjoyed and respected by so many people! Thank you.

  8. WOW, I look forward every week to the photo page. It is never a disappointment.

  9. Heidi great pictures of the sunset at Webb Lake and Jennifer I like your sunset, too. I like sunsets myself. Ernie Hall your bird photos they are amazing, They help me identify the birds at my feeders. Thank you, Daily Bull Dog staff for publishing these pictures.

  10. Thank you! Always a thrill.

  11. Always a treat to view such beauty and to recognize how fortunate we are to live here,Many thanks for sharing and inspiring ,

  12. Always a treat to view such beauty and to recognize how fortunate we are to live here,Many thanks for sharing and inspiring ,