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Nature: warm days, snow predicted

Looking in on Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, who was looking in for suet crumbs. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

Kents Hill School ski slopes looked inviting and ready for skiers on one of the warmish days last week. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

Found this male Pileated Woodpecker visiting lately. (Steve Muise/Farmington)

Looking at the snow storm that is projected for the coming week, I remember three years ago in mid-March of 2014 we had a pretty good Nor'easter. (Spencer Thompson/New Sharon)

Small song birds, like this goldfinch, are going to need lots of calories to survive the upcoming cold and snow. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

Mr. Tom Turkey, a domestic variety, was standing in the road with his friend displaying for my car. After 15 minutes of unrequited love he and his friend waddled home, but continued their beautiful displaying. (Jane Naliboff/Chesterville)

Morning light through window frost. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

Noon light through window frost. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

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  1. Hey Steve Muise, like your Pileated Woodpecker!