Franklin Countys First News

Nature: Things are looking up

A Slate-colored Junco. They seem to be all over the area! (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Things are looking up. A pair of Blue birds in Wilton. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

A male Eastern Bluebird sings for spring. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Black fly season is almost upon us. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Not all of us liked winter! A European Starling. (Jim Knox/Wilton)

Rainbow over the water promising new life. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Aspen in bloom. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

By the side of the Sandy River. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

An early evening conversation. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Such a force of nature aroused this time of year to rejuvenate everything and everyone. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

Ready for the buds and bugs. (Jane Knox/Rangeley)

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10 Responses »

  1. As always beautiful photographs.

  2. Nice birds, Jim! Now just waiting on the peepers.

  3. Amazing shot of the Junco Jim. Really enjoy all the great pictures every week. Thanks to everyone.

  4. beautiful pictures, so nice to see the arrival of the birds,,

  5. Thanks for the gorgeous photos of the first signs of spring in Maine!

  6. Always Lovely! Love the Junco (my favorite bird). The European Starling is so cute looking a little displeased.

  7. Happy Easter to all who showed pictures and Thank You for all of the pictures. Glad to see warmer weather and th Kennebec River did not flood to bad in Augusta.

  8. Fantastic photography!!!!! That picture of the starling is great.

  9. I only recently discovered all the great assets of the Farmington area, which includes the Daily Bulldog. I wish to chime in with showing my appreciation of these terrific photos!

  10. That European Starling is a very serious looking bird!