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New Hampshire man gets 40 months for trafficking

Davian Torres Rodriguez (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON - A New Hampshire man was sentenced to 40 months in prison Monday, after he entered guilty pleas to trafficking charges associated with fentanyl and cocaine base found on his person this summer.

Davian Torres Rodriguez, 27 of Nashau, N.H., pleaded guilty to two counts of unlawful trafficking in a scheduled drug, both Class B felonies. The drugs, fentanyl and crack cocaine, were located on Rodriguez's person when police searched a Wilton home on July 14.

According to information that Assistant District Attorney James Andrews said the state would have presented had the case gone to trial, Wilton police were informed that a felon involved in an ongoing drug investigation may be at a residence on Masterman Avenue. The property in question was owned by an individual out on probation and police from multiple agencies were able to search the location.

While police did not locate the individual referenced in the information the department had received, they did find Rodriguez. He was discovered with two bags in his pockets, Andrews said. In one bag was 9.45 grams of fentanyl and in the other was 4.6 grams of cocaine base. Testing at the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory in Augusta confirmed the identity of the drugs.

As part of the arranged plea, Rodriguez received concurrent, 40-month straight sentences with no suspended portion or probation on both trafficking charges. Rodriguez had a single conviction prior to his arrest.

A $400 fine will also be assessed and Rodriguez must pay $240 in restitution to pay for drug testing of the substances found on his person. Andrews noted that $511 were seized from Rodriguez upon his arrest; the restitution will be paid for out of those funds prior to their return to Rodriguez.

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  1. 40 months is pretty stiff sentence in today’s world, maybe there’s hope.

  2. What happened to 30 years for interstate trafficking?

  3. I am with Captain Planet! Just funny how the money they seized was probably drug money and now it is being used to pay for his restitution....

  4. Let it be known at least in Wilton, the residents are helping to clean up, and not just downtown.