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New orthopedic clinic opens in Farmington

Dr. James Timoney cuts the ribbon as doctors and staff members of Central Maine Orthopaedics and Franklin County Chamber of Commerce members look on.

FARMINGTON - Central Maine Orthopaedics opened offices on the Livermore Falls Road last month, celebrating its new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony held Tuesday afternoon.

A division of the Spectrum Medical Group, Central Maine Orthopaedics has operated for the past 27 years out of offices in Auburn. They are no stranger to the greater Farmington area, having previously maintained clinic hours at practitioners' offices for local clients. According to Kelly David, CMO's marketing and public relations manager, the company saw a need for specialized, orthopedic services in Franklin County.

"People have been really welcoming," David said Tuesday, a little less than a month after CMO opened in its Livermore Falls Road location. "We've been really pleased with the turnout so far."

CMO also operates in Bridgton and Rumford, in addition to its Auburn location.

The office, located at 176 Livermore Falls Road in Farmington, includes three exam rooms for a rotating group of specialists and their support staff. CMO operates in the field of in orthopedics, medicine relating to bone or muscle issues, and  has specialists for spine issues, hand and upper-body extremities, joint replacement, foot and ankle issues and Sports Medicine. The facility has the same resources available in Auburn, David said, with the exception of an in-house X-ray machine. Clients requiring an X-Ray would likely be referred to nearby Franklin Memorial Hospital.

For now, the office is open on Fridays, adding an additional day every other week. CMO will look to possibly expand those hours in the future as demand warrants.

Dr. Michael Regan said that CMO sensed a need for a local office when they were working clinic hours in Farmington. He said that the physical office represented a way to support both patients, who wouldn't need to drive to Auburn or Rumford, as well as the community. CMO's staff would be welcoming suggestions for possible additional times and days to be open, he said.

CMO, a new Franklin County Chamber of Commerce member, was welcomed to the area by Executive Director Penny Meservier and members of the Chamber board.

CMO can be contacted at 783-1328 to schedule an appointment. More contact information is available through the company's website, located here.

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  1. When FMH can’t keep Orthopedic Sugeons is it any surprise that the competition down the road moves in to fill the void? Big question will be where are the operations being done? Will they be operating at FMH or taking the surgical patients down the road to another hospital? Lack of direction and vision for FMH strikes again.

  2. Dr Pulling from Farmington's Franklin Orthopedics, referred me to CMO's Dr Lauren Adey for my hand issues. Yes, I've had to see her in Auburn so far and many of the surgeries happen at their ambulatory surgical center on Minot Ave in Auburn. First surgery is completed and second surgery is coming up. Looking forward to an equally positive outcome. Dr Reagan did my meniscus repair back in 2000 at the same place and again, quick heal time, was hiking and kayaking 2 months later. Having access to great orthopedic surgeons is a plus. Being able to see them close by is a plus. However their surgical center is state of the art and tailored to their specific needs. And Auburn is only a little further down the road. If you are having surgery that requires more in depth work they work out of their center at CMMC. But again, it is I believe a unit they helped develop. An excellent practice with great support staff.

  3. Thanks for confirming what I thought-business and OR utilization
    going down the road. Start hoping that some outside health system takes over FMH to save it from itself.
    Or, has that process already begun?

  4. I don't believe that business and OR utilization is going down the road BUT if you want the best you are willing to travel. My husband has been a patient in the Auburn office for the past 2 years and we have both had excellent treatment and care. Just so happened FMH could not handle his injury and they were smart enough to know this and do what was best for him. Happy to see Central Maine Orthopedics in the area and I'm sure they will work well with the other offices.

  5. I find it hard to think FMH wouldn't want Central Maine Orthopaedics part of their team. Maybe someday. CMO has been in the area before with another practice, that now has become part of FMH and not independently owned anymore. Great opportunities may come out of this. A win win for both businesses. Go Franklin County.

  6. Far North, I don't see it as going down the road. This practice is a specialized service. In order to keep costs down for us as consumers it does not make sense for every single hospital to have state of the art for every single ailment possible. I want our local PCPs and hospitalists to be able to link to the places that do have them though. I want to know that for routine care I am going to be able to receive the very best local care available to me. There isn't any need for me to go further if those needs can be met near home. In my case with my hands and my elbow and being diabetic, I am very thankful that our local Orthopedic doctor wanted me to be seen by a specialist who only operates on this particular problem, nothing else.

    The whole idea of regional centers isn't to take away from the small local hospitals, but to free them up to do what they do best. Take care of the daily grind. FMH and all who fall under its umbrella of employment do that well. And again, I am so glad to see them networking because it is only a huge win win for the patients it serves.