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New restaurant/ pub coming to Farmington

Two Farmington developers have purchased the historic building on Main Street and announced a new restaurant will be opening this winter on the west side of the building that faces Front Street.

FARMINGTON - After purchasing a historic building block at the center of downtown a couple of weeks ago, two developers have already lined up a new restaurant to move into town this winter.

The Roost Pub & Wingery, with restaurants in Waterville and Orono, will be moving into a 2,800 square foot area of the daylight basement area at 186-189 Main Street. Roost owner Jim Coleman said he expects to hire between 20 and 30 employees and hopes to open in late January.

Buzz Davis and Bill Marceau recently purchased the three-story building  from Stone Coast Properties of Portland. The building is currently home to Dunkin Donuts and a temporary location for the Summit Faith Community Church, as well as a vacant, 1,400 square foot office or retail space facing Main Street and four large apartments.

Davis, who has been managing the building for two years for Stone Coast, had mentioned his interest in the building. Partnering with Marceau and under the development name Fairview Housing LLC, they acquired the building a few weeks ago. Built in 1907, the three-story building has served many purposes over the years.

The first floor began as a carriage repair shop and then automobile show room, Davis said. Unique to the building are the first floor's steel girders that provided strength enough to carry the weight of a vehicle showroom. On the second floor, the space once provided entertainment including an arcade, bowling alley and had also been used as a basketball court for college players. The second and third floors now house four very large apartments.

From the 1950s until nearly a decade ago, it was home to Don's AG, a grocery store until it closed and the building was sold to Stone Coast in 2002 or '03.

Under the new ownership of the two Farmington residents, the building block will be called Main Street Station, a reference to the Sandy River railroad depot once located on Front Street. They have been working with Franklin Savings Bank on a stairway project to connect Front Street to Main Street.  Plans presented earlier by FSB show the staircase built from a Front Street parking area the bank is constructing, up to the parking lot behind Main Street Station building, turn and continue up to the bank's Main Street parking area.

Marceau said a well lit, double-wide staircase inside the building on the north side will allow pedestrians to access The Roost and two more areas on the lower level to be renovated into office spaces from Main Street to the lower level of the building and not have to use the driveway on the south side of the building. The interior stairs will also access the parking areas on Front Street, once the stairs are built.

"The stairs will provide key access to Front Street," Davis said, adding it will be a short walk for movie-goers at the Narrow Gauge Cinemas to the restaurtant. A sign for The Roost will be displayed on the Main Street side over the stairwell leading down to the restaurant and on the west side of building to be seen from Front Street.

Coleman was in town to check on his latest project's construction progress Tuesday morning. Looking around at the big open space, he said it had been completely gutted and a new sewer drain line had been recently installed. New walls, ceiling, floors, heating and plumbing, electrical will all be installed soon.

"You'd be surprised at how fast this all comes together," Coleman said. The front entrance will be through double doors that will open to a dining section. Sports bar areas featuring a total of 10 or 11 wide screen TVs surrounded by comfortable couches and chairs will be on the other side of the space. Wireless Internet will be available.

He's been interested in opening a Roost in Farmington for sometime. Typically, he looks for a high traffic community with a college. He opened the first Roost in Orono three years ago and the Waterville location last March. Contact with Marc Relford, assistant to the director at the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, led Coleman to Greater Franklin Development Corporation's director Alison Hagerstrom, who then connected Coleman's restaurant idea with Davis and Marceau and their new building plans.

Coleman, who has been in the restaurant business for 30 years, describes his restaurants as "clean, neat and family friendly" with  inexpensive  pub fare that features burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts. He stressed everything is homemade and fresh, not frozen or prepared somewhere else, as some restaurants rely. "A family of four will be able to eat here for $25," he said, adding he also offers children's meal specials.  The Roost's specialty is its chicken wings. His two restaurants sell 3,000 pounds of chicken wings a week. Here, he'll have daily "Wing Night" specials, something he tried at the Orono location but found too popular and had to stop it after long lines would form outside the restaurant.

As with his other restaurants, his Farmington Roost will be open for lunch and dinner which appeals to families with plans to stay open until at least midnight, which appeals to the college crowd.

Coleman's restaurant & pub will be seeking a site review permit at the planning board's next meeting on Dec. 12 since the space was previously vacant and not used, said Steve Kaiser, the town's code enforcement officer.

"This is very exciting; it's a nice project for the community," Marceau said.

The west side of the block of buildings at 185-193 Main Street in Farmington will be the entrance to a new restaurant The Roost Pub & Wingery. Sign for The Roost will be hung on both sides of the building with additional access once the stairs to Front Street are completed.

The interior space that is under construction for a new restaurant to open this winter. "You'd be surprised at how fast this all comes together," said Jim Coleman, owner of The Roost.

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    Ol' Bill MArceau,,,
    What would we do without him??

  2. Sounds great! I hope they make it ADA accessible! (American Disabilities Act)

  3. Oh Boy! Another resturant with pub food! And chicken wings! How wonderful!

  4. Yayyyy!! So happy we will have a choice again in town that's a nice place to go have a beer and watch the game.

  5. Good Luck in your new Adventure, And Thanks for bring this to Farmington, We so need it.

  6. Doesn't It have to be ADA accessible?

  7. Great news! A reasonably priced, family oriented restaurant is just what we needed downtown! A big kudos to the developers as well as Alison Hagerstrom for helping to put the pieces together! You'll see us there!

  8. I'm with Foodie99 ... pub food and wings are just not exciting.

    Then again, for whatever reason, that seems to be what so many people want.

  9. More wings anyone?

  10. Where do we apply for the job?

  11. I'm an experienced waitress, and would love to apply. Is there any information regarding applications?

  12. Good Luck from your neighbors down the street @ GrantLee's Tavern & Grill. We wish you the best!! Sincerely - Managment team @ GL's ;)

  13. How about some salads, for the healthy minded..... wings do nothing but add fat to everyone's diet....

  14. I could never understand how people can eat chicken wings, and seem to enjoy them. eewwww..

  15. Just what we need another "pub" atmosphere restaraunt, NOT! How about a steakhouse!?

  16. this has just been announced and people are already complaining about the menu. newsflash: opening a restaurant is an expensive and risky business venture, and pub food works. rural mainers are not known for their diverse and adventurous palates. local restauranteurs have tried and tried again to add a little flavor to the community, and people don't buy it. just be happy a new business is opening up at all, and if the quality, service, and atmosphere even approach our mediocre standards, we can show our appreciation by supporting another local business instead of leaving town or complaining.

    p.s. maybe susan doesn't get out much, but i'm certain you can order vegetables at any place in town.

  17. I have three cooks in my immediate family that use to work at the Grainery that would love to work for you. How soon before you will be taking applications?

  18. As someone who lived in Orono and went to The Roost frequently, I approve!

  19. YaKnow,,,,

    We have SOUP for YOU,,,,We Have Java Joes,,,,,You can get SALAD at most of the eating places,,,,

    You guys act like there is no choice,,,,

    There is,,,


    GO EAT GRASS,,,,,,,,,,if you choose...

    Some of us LIKE eating Animals..

  20. I NEVER agree with Jonboy,,,,,,,,,,
    Until NOW,,,

    However,,,,,take it easy on your critique about "us Mainers palatte",,,
    As if we're unsophisticated,,,

    Well,,,,if we are "It's All Good!!!"

  21. Jonboy is right........
    Susan, I'm sure that if they only serve wings, you'll be able to get an order of the little cut up carrots and celery with some bleu cheese that usually comes with them.

    We go out to eat once a week and have for 30 years, always to a place that has burgers, pizza, wings and such.
    I love a good homemade meal and make them 6 days a week, when it's time to go out, I want an inexpensive treat.
    Looking forward to the opening!

  22. Susan, the article included salads as being on the menu. Jonboy, exactly the attitude I have. We complain because jobs are scarce, we complain because people need to support local business, then we complain because we are getting both? Ridiculous. I support any small businesses, old or new, and I love that our town is really becoming stronger in so many aspects. Best of luck, Roost Pub!

  23. I think this is wonderful... by the sounds even tho they ARE serving "wings" who should be complaining they have described what sounds like "something for everyone".... i especially love the "family friendly costs". which can be scary when you are first opening and want to "make it".. it is very hard for business's to do so. I think this is GREAT and i wish you all the luck in the world. Yaaaaa for Farmington. !

  24. The Roost is a nice place. Having been to the one in Waterville many times I think this would be great for the town. They have good food that is reasonable and a great friendly atmosphere.

  25. I agree with Jonboy about the market for plain fare. I tried selling Italian (pronounced with a short "i" please) sandwiches made with meats like capicola, mortadella and genoa, the cheese was provolone and the tomatos and onions were measured in ounces not pounds. No black olives either, but olive oil if you wanted it. They didn't sell because "an Eyetaleann is made with boiled ham and American cheese topped with a handful or two of shredded onion and half a can of black olives" - you want that with mayo, ketchup or mouseturd?


  26. Wicked Excitin'!!!!! Good Luck to all involved!!!! Thank you for bring new jobs to our community!

  27. The posters here are out of control. This is just being announced and people complaining about this and that in the first nanosecond.


    FARMINGTON IS A VERY LUCK TOWN considering the economic climate in Maine and around the country.

    Best of luck to this new business!


  28. Tony, Amatos makes a real Italian. I dunno what you call a sammich with capicola, mortadella and genoa on it, but it hadn't ought to be for sale in Maine to Mainers.

  29. Does Farmington still have on site parking requirements?

  30. Ed as a born and Raised Mainer, I would try Tony's sandwich.

  31. Another economic boost to town! Congrats

  32. This sounds awesome!!! As a college student, when will I be able to get an application? Sign me up!

  33. I hope this establishment thrives in Farmington.

  34. Im an indirect vegetarian! I eat things that eat grass!
    Bring on them little chickens!

  35. Hey I am happy we will have another choice for eating out. As long as it is clean, friendly, and good food with good prices, we will be there. Good Luck on your adventure!

  36. Nice job, Buzz, Bill, Marc, and Alison for making this happen. And Jim Coleman, welcome to Farmington. We can always use another good restaurant in town. Wish you the best in your new venture.

  37. Good news to have a new business coming to Farmington! And I wish you both well, Buzz and Bill, with your ownership of this building. I hope you can get tenants for the empty space. I like to see ALL downtown spaces filled. I think it would be great if Farmington could entice Christmas Tree Shops to come to town! Maybe it could go out there where Home Depot or Lowe's did not come in.

  38. besides the food the wait staff / personality is a must need and atmosphere... good luck i will see ya soon

  39. So glad there will be another choice to eat. Been to the Roost in Orono and it is a GREAT place. There are always people who will complain, and who needs them.........I like to choose the positive side of things instead of worrying about the negative people. We are lucky that a great establishment is willing to come to Farmington to give us a choice, open up some jobs, etc. I certainly will be going to the Roost when it opens up!!

  40. JoanieD... I agree ! Have always said i would LOVE to see a christmas tree shop. I love to see the OLD buildings come back to life, and cant stand it when a business has to build a whole new building when there are so many great places they could go into. So happy to see this Happening in town ! ! Congratulations !

  41. Tony I agree on the authentic Italians...yum, I look forward to visitors from down south for my fix.
    Here, an Italian means with veggies, you can get a ham italian, or a tuna italian, etc...
    making me hungry.
    Glad when anything is coming to the area. We need choices and we need jobs.
    Best wishes for the new business

  42. Sounds like a win win situation for Farmington and Mr. Coleman. Best of luck! Tough to please everyone but good food, good service, and reasonable prices will ensure repeat customers. Sounds easy but it's not. Mr. Coleman has 30 years experience in the food business so he must be doing something right!

    Simple advice: if you're not into wings order something else;o)

  43. Of course the FOODIES complain. Head to Manhattan if you are going to be super picky, this is rural Maine after all. Congrats to the new owner of the building and three cheers for a new pub!!!

  44. Yea, more jobs for the community, and much needed restaurants, good luck, Bill and Buzz.

  45. Excellent news. I'm a little surprised by the name "wingery" (which I'm sure is supposed to be pronounced
    "wing-ery") considering that "to winge/whinge" means to "complain or whine" in much of the English-speaking world. Who knows, it may draw in some tourists looking for a commiserating bartender :)

  46. how do we go about applying or locating an application to work here? thank you!

  47. I frequent the Waterville location, and its wonderful! The staff is friendly, the food is hot, fresh, tasty and cheap. STOP COMPLAINING! Farmington isnt known for its variety and this place will be a breath of fresh air. And will clear a few of the students out of the (crowded!) dugout so the rest of us can get a table again :)

  48. Guys, this is just an article on the Daily Bulldog. It's not like the menu has been set in stone or anything. If you want a salad, walk to another restaurant!

  49. Accepting Applications. The Roost Pub and Wingery Farmington will be accepting applications for all positions starting Monday, Dec. 26, at 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. daily at 187 Main Street in Farmington. Please enter from behind building in the back parking lot. Please ask for Jim or Scott.