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New Sharon to hold special town meeting this Saturday

Voters at last month's annual Town Meeting.

NEW SHARON - A special town meeting will be held this Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. in the Cape Cod Hill School gymnasium to address several issues raised by residents.

An article passed at the town's annual meeting, held on March 18, changed the Town Tax Collector and Town Clerk positions from a one year to a three year term. Part of that proposal was to offer the person in position better job security. In the weeks after the meeting, it was brought to the attention of the Selectboard members that the length of term for the positions of Road Commissioner and Treasurer should also be voted on. Saturday's meeting will address this concern, allowing residents to vote on changing the one year positions to three year positions.

An additional concern was raised by voters wishing to have a say on whether or not the town should offer discounts for taxes paid on time.

"We thought it was important to provide an opportunity for the townspeople to vote on the subject. It seemed pretty important to residents," Selectman Travis Pond said.

The article will ask voters to weigh in on whether or not the town should authorize a three percent discount for taxes paid in full within 30 days after tax bills are dated. A separate article will ask what amount, if any, should be appropriated from the surplus funds for the discount. Selectmen are recommending a total of $36,000.

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  1. I don't mind giving someone job security at all but... We should also have a way of terminating there contracts if a standard isn't met.

  2. Agree with Shaw Sharonite. Good idea to have 3 year terms, but I believe there is a job descriptions for these positions and there should be accountability.

  3. You guys should come to the bi-weekly meetings, as opposed to hiding behind a fictitious name in the local paper.

  4. Truth does not need a name.