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Organization builds ramp system for New Vineyard family

Volunteers work to begin building a ramp in New Vineyard.

NEW VINEYARD - An ecumenical organization has built a local family a deck and ramp, covered by a roof to keep off snow, to accommodate a four-year-old who tragically lost his leg in October.

The Mission at the Eastward Housing Ministry responded to a request for help from the owner of a small mobile home to build a wheelchair ramp for his grandson, Adam Mattson, age 4. Mattson was critically injured in an accident involving a front-end loader near his family's gravel pit that resulted in his leg being severed. The grandfather, who wrapped Mattson's leg and rushed him to Franklin Memorial Hospital, was later credited by Sheriff Scott Nichols for saving the young boy's life.

Under the new roof.

Mattson was transferred to a Boston-area hospital. His leg could not be reattached.

The Mission at the Eastward Housing Ministry, an organization a number of small, rural churches including the Fairbanks Union Church, took up the project to build a roof-covered ramp to allow Mattson clear access to the ramp no matter the weather. The existing 20-foot-long deck could not be easily modified to accommodate the ramp, due to a requirement that the ramp not elevate more than one inch per foot.

MATE Housing Ministry volunteers were familiar with the trailer, having previously worked on it roughly 15 years ago to add skirting around the base to keep out the wind. They decided to build a new combination deck and ramp to reach the front door, which is 40 inches above the ground. That new construction was covered by a 16-foot by 32-foot roof.

Laying out the ramps.

MATE would like to thank all of the volunteers from New Vineyard, New Portland, Kingfield and Starks who worked on this project – with special thanks to Greg West of New Portland, who served as the lead carpenter. MATE also thanks Jordan Lumber and all of the donors who contributed to the cost of materials.

The organization is still $600 shy of cost for materials and anyone wishing to make a tax-deductible donation for the ramp can send a donation to Rev. Thea Kornelius, MATE-MHM, c/o Fairbanks Union Church, PO Box 206, Farmington, ME 04938. Anything received in excess of $600 will be used to care for Mattson.

The finished product.

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  1. This how things get done. Not by government, but neighbors. Truly an act of kindness.

  2. A very worthy cause!

  3. Wow ,what a wonderful thing for these folks to do. Neighbors helping neighbors, The way life should be!

  4. There are so many good people in this world. It is good to hear about them!

  5. How is the little guy doing?

  6. Sheri- The Lewiston Sun today had an article about the little guy and how he is doing. Looks like he is making good progress.