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Police have suspect after cars stolen in Farmington, New Vineyard and New Hampshire

FARMINGTON - Police are investigating an incident involving a series of stolen vehicles Monday, after an individual drove a vehicle into a ditch, flipped another one down an embankment and abandoned a third on the Temple Road.

Farmington Police Department Det. Marc Bowering said that police do have a suspect connected to the chain of incidents, which began after police attempted to stop a speeding vehicle with New Hampshire plates on Main Street in the early-morning hours. That vehicle led law enforcement on an intermittent chase north on Route 27, until it was discovered in a ditch in New Vineyard.

The operator was not present, although Bowering said that investigators did find stolen property they believe related to a Livermore Falls vehicle burglary. The New Hampshire vehicle was reported stolen Sunday, Bowering said. Police arranged to have it towed from the scene.

The tow truck operator, on his way back to Farmington, saw lights down an embankment at the intersection of the New Vineyard Road and Fairbanks Road. Those lights belonged to a second, abandoned vehicle which had apparently left the roadway, become airborne and flipped onto its roof. That vehicle, which Bowering described as "totaled" belonged to a New Vineyard resident that lived near where the first vehicle had been abandoned.

Police then learned of a third vehicle left abandoned on Temple Road in Farmington. That vehicle, which suffered no damage, had been taken from a residence on Barlen Street, near where the second vehicle had crashed.

Multiple canine tracks were attempted from the third vehicle, Bowering said, but the dogs were stymied in part, it is suspected, due to the hot, muggy weather on Monday morning.

However, Bowering said that investigators do have a New Hampshire suspect they believe was involved in Monday morning's car thefts. Police are not releasing a name at this time.

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  1. TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF YOUR IGNITION and Please lock up your vehicles.

  2. No no this is good reading material.

  3. Mr. White, I am waiting for something sarcastic from you.

  4. Seems like an awfully poor driver to me.

  5. You wouldn't think it was so great to read if it was your vehicle. The totaled one belonged to a 19 year old and the insurance company won't cover any of it. Keys were not left in ignition either. So no not good reading material..

  6. You also wouldn't think it was a good if your vehicle was stolen and the police say you have to pay for the towing!