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Update: Massachusetts man sought by local police now in custody

Derell D. Guy

[Update: July 28 at 1:42 p.m.] - According to the Farmington Police Department's Facebook page, Derell Guy is now in custody.

More information will be posted when it becomes available.


WILTON - Police are currently looking for a man on the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted List in the area of Walker Hill Road and Route 2.

Residents have been asked to lock their doors and remove keys from vehicles by the Wilton Police Department, through a Facebook post made by the department. People have also been asked to bring their dogs inside, as a police K-9 is working in the area.

Derell D. Guy is on the Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted List on charges relating to an alleged murder and armed robbery that took place in Lynn, Mass. in early January 2020. Per the state police, a warrant was issued out of the Lynn District Court for Guy after an investigation into the shooting death of a 25-year-old man.

On the state police wanted poster, Guy is described as being 34-years-old, 6-foot, 1-inch in height and 175 lbs. He is described as being of Black ethnicity, with black hair and brown eyes.

In the WPD Facebook post, Guy is described as wearing a blue t-shirt with Bud Lite shorts. WPD and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office are actively searching for Guy in the area of Walker Hill Road and Route 2.

Anyone who has seen Guy recently should call 9-1-1, according to a post from the Franklin County Regional Communications Center. Tips, information, or less than recent sightings should be directed to 778-6140.

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  1. Sentence structure is wrong. Murder took place in Lynn, Mass, not Wilton. Should be “Police seeking in Wilton Mass. man wanted for murder.”

  2. Thanks, I'll change the headline to make that clearer.

  3. A chopper in the air and a bunch of state police behind the post office in E. Wilton

  4. this happened in january of this yr has he been on the run since or what, it;s almost end of july.

  5. He looks like a good boy. A very good boy....

  6. #BLM. Hope they don't hurt him. Innocent until proven guilty. #BIDEN. #ANYBODYBUTTRUMP

  7. He went behind my dads and is now near my uncle’s

  8. This is obviously drug related. Why would he come to Wilton ME. time for this to stop. Always a slap on the wrist give them help. I say dry out in jail on your own its 50/50. But this is what is coming to Franklin Co. A friggin hideout....

  9. BTW. if someone like that comes to my house!! I got one thing for them 12 ga. 00 buck. Surch over.

  10. I don’t comment on the bulldog but @bill you are the problem with this country! Pretty obvious the police know who they are dealing with. Get a grip on reality. #alllivesmatter! Criminals are criminals no matter the race. The drug raids in farmington this past week probably consisted of another race. HENCE ALL LIVES MATTER! What is wrong with people these days no sense of right or wrong, no sense of self responsibility and the list goes on. #TRUMP 2020 the only president that has done America right in my lifetime.

  11. #fundpolice #hideandseekchamps #k9 #doubletap let's go gentleman, you can run but you cant hide.

  12. @Captain Planet

    Regardless of whether or not this person is a good human being, the fact that you can call a Black man a "boy" in 2020, and get it published, speaks to the level of racism existing in this country. We have a long way to go.

    Just Wow. I'm disappointed the moderators let this slip through.

  13. If hometown dude shoots as well as he spells, "Freckles" has nothing to worry about.

  14. Eric did you think the person was a girl? Pretty clear the photo is of a boy.

  15. I dont get why he is on the most wanted list. Lots of people commit murder...what makes him special?

  16. @Bill is an idiot! Sorry my comment and ones constitutional right of innocent until proven guilty bothers you. Pathetic that a different opinion has such an effect on you.

  17. "Guy is described as being 34 years old"
    Pretty sure that makes him a man, not a boy.

  18. I'm glad someone else picked up on "boy," and I'm hoping that the use of "buck" was a coincidence ...

  19. Eric, idiots come in all colors, this one is black and a boy. What's the problem with that statement?

  20. Eric, I’d like to say ‘man up’ and get a sense of humor but somehow I doubt that’s how you identify. People like you and Bill are the cause of the racial issues, not the cure. Boy, am I sick and tired of this!

  21. Eric Mc...... Loosen up a bit and cool your jets....... About 40 yeas ago I was visiting a friend that was in his mid eighties... A couple of his neighbor women in their early 60's walked by.... My friend said 'there goes the girls'.... I said 'Girls'.... His response.... 'When you get my age they are all girls'... What would you have said if it had been someone other than a white guy?

  22. Is it possible for the Bulldog to update this story?
    A lot of hours have passed with no update-

  23. Note "Black" with the capital B...not white with a small w. Institutionalized racism right there.

  24. Don’t hurt him? You mean like this bottom-feeder has already hurt others? His MA rap-sheet lists several convictions and the warrants all say he should be presumed armed and dangerous.

    If police locate him, order him to surrender - and he refuses, pulls out a gun and fires a couple in their direction, what should happen next? I know. They should call the UMF sociology department and demand they come and convene an emergency seminar. (Please call between 9am and 4pm, M-F)

  25. Far North channel 5 this morning only said he has not been found and police are urging residents to lock their doors and vehicles. I don’t think there will be much else until he is found.

  26. This is what happens when liberals allow massholes and out of staters here. If we would have closed our borders, we would not be dealing with this now. Time for the true borns to clean up our state.

  27. @Captain Planet

    In response to ",,, ‘man up’ and get a sense of humor but somehow I doubt that’s how you identify..."

    Happily married with children. Also, a veteran and the son and brother of veterans because I figure you will call out my patriotism next. Your statement about me implies I can't 'man up' because I am not heterosexual. While I am, why would that matter? Again this is 2020 and you are calling black men boys and people who disagree with you homosexual or some other orientation as if that makes them, in your mind, less of a human being.

    As to my disagreement with the use of the term boy to describe a person of color. Anyone over the age of 40 or 50, and probably all of us, should know that prior to the first civil rights movement of the 60's, african-american men were addressed, particularly in the south, as boy rather than being acknowledged as Mister or by their first name. Since then, even the courts have acknowledged that use of the term 'boy' this way is considered racist language.

    I'm not arguing that this person is a great person. Clearly he is considered very dangerous and a threat to all of us in the local area. I took steps to protect my house and called my friends near the search area to warn them. The problem I have is that he is hardly first accused criminal to appear in a Daily Bulldog article. We have had murderers, drug dealers, child abusers, people who commit assault and nameless others featured. I take issue, however, that this time the unsavory character is a person of color and instead of focusing on the actions of the individual we are calling him 'boy' and 'freckles'. I don't recall that happening in the response section in all of the other Bulldog articles.

    I think the reason another civil rights movement has kicked off in this country is because there are too many saying "It's no big deal." or "you are overreacting." , "I didn't mean anything by it." etc. Perhaps, if we focused on the actions of the person rather than their physical attributes we could all move on.

    Not looking to start a flame war. People can agree or disagree but I don't think I overreacted when I wrote my first post. Peace.

  28. Maybe the authorities could have found the guy if they weren't on Stinchfield Road attending to several loud music complaints.

  29. Nancy for the W! Well said! Hahaha

  30. @true born mainer, 'cause Maine folks are so virtuous? How about the conservative meth heads building labs in our woods? Or the locals traveling to other states to bring in drugs.

    Just because you were born here doesn't make you any less susceptible to crime. Knock it off.

  31. Bill, the votes have been counted and you sir are what's wrong with America today. You supporting Biden and BLM is all we needed to know. All lives matter black, white, asian even yours Bill.

  32. The only life that matters here is the one he took with his murdering rampage
    Fry him

  33. @True Born Mainer - "If we would have closed our borders, we would not be dealing with this now." ... which border are you referring to, the Mass/Maine border? Get a grip. There are terrible people everywhere. Even True Born Mainers.

  34. ....and then nab and prosecute the nice folks helping this guy have a safe place up here

  35. Hmm
    July 28, 2020 • 10:46 am
    @true born mainer, 'cause Maine folks are so virtuous? How about the conservative meth heads building labs in our woods? Or the locals traveling to other states to bring in drugs.

    Name one “conservative” that even spends money on meth or has been busted with a lab. You must be mistaken as to who has time to sit around making lethal drugs or even use them. It’s definitely no conservatives I know. As for the border getting closed it wouldn’t help with these scum coming in they will just do so illegally. Hopefully he does shoot at the officers who find him and they can save everyone a lot of tax dollars on his trial that will obviously go nowhere if you look at his criminal record. He is just a draw on a good society.

  36. @awww, good thing you don't consort with criminals. But what you're talking about is confirmation bias: "my friends are conservative. They don't do bad things. So conservatives don't do bad things"

    Knock it off. It's garbage and you know it.

  37. True Born Mainer-: “Time for the true borns to clean up our state.”
    @True Born Mainer - can you please define, in detail, who the “true borns” are? I’d like to see you put that in writing.

  38. Thank you to our local law enforcement.

  39. @True Born Mainer
    I have lived in the Great State of Maine for 52 years, but sorry, I wasn't born here. I am a law abiding, tax paying, hard worker, and have been for the entire 52 years l have lived in this beautiful state that I like to think of as home. Do I get the heave ho too? Are you the decider in chief???? Will there be a check list? Or maybe a yellow star?
    This sounds like a variation on ethnic cleansing.... same church, different pew.

  40. Hmm it shouldn’t be hard to back up your claims. You can go to the weekly arrest log or any article on here that gives a persons name and then google it and it will give you a link to look up how they are registered to vote. Remember Republican means conservative. Bye now.
    Good job to law enforcement on catching this scum bag and keeping our communities safe.

  41. @aww, it's a little comical you just proved your own point incorrect. Well done! An impressive feat.


    This article shows that meth labs and users are clustered in Trump-voting counties. Maybe GOP-politicians don’t get caught with meth (there’s plenty of evidence they get caught with other drugs). Their voters, however, appear to be heavily engaged with the drug.

    Also, how did you figure out that the guy is a drug dealer? Because all people from Mass deal drugs?

  43. Hey hometown boy,
    Stay in your hometown, always. Don’t ever leave. This way it keeps your life and your thinking simple. And you can stay ignorant as well, and never have to really do any critical thinking or expand your horizons at all. Simplicity itself.

  44. Hmm how did I prove myself wrong. Please explain.
    @aww when did I claim anyone was a drug dealer ? Perhaps reread what I said and what the other commenter “hmm” claimed. You will see your own error.

  45. DAILY BULLDOG needs to start requiring an account to comment here that uses your real name and not an alias. Something that holds people accountable for all the awful, bigoted, sexist, discriminatory, and or racist comments that get posted here....not to mention the utterly uninformed, misleading, and overtly false statements allowed to be published. Id like to know who Im standing next to in line next time I visit. Cause being born in Farmington is about the only connection left Id like to have with the town anymore. Reading these comments is so embarrassing. Shame on the Hansteins for allowing the hate and animosity grow in their comment section...hidden behind screen names at that. This place is no worse than being in the bathroom with the school bully.

  46. Must have missed something in Geography class. Didn't know there was a Mass'/Maine border. Anyway the posse got him , good work gentlemen and thanks for keeping us safe! We might not all have a 12 gauge at hand.

  47. I agree with Matt. People hide behind their screens.

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