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Public Works director arrested on charge of domestic violence assault

Philip Hutchins (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

FARMINGTON - The director of the Farmington Public Works Department has been charged with two counts of domestic violence assault, following an altercation that allegedly occurred last week.

A complaint has been filed against Philip Hutchins, 35 of Farmington, for two counts of domestic violence assault, both Class D misdemeanors. The counts allege that Hutchins "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause[d] bodily harm or offensive physical contact" against two individuals on March 5.

According to Maine State Police Trooper Travis Luce, the state police were asked to investigate by the Farmington Police Department, due to Hutchins' employment by the town. The complainant was an acquaintance of a woman related to Hutchins; he reportedly learned about an incident that is alleged to have occurred on March 5. Luce said that he interviewed the woman, who told police that Hutchins had physically assaulted her by putting her in a headlock. Hutchins was also interviewed by Luce, providing a different version of events.

Based on his investigation, Luce said, he believed that there was probable cause to arrest Hutchins. Hutchins was arrested on a single misdemeanor domestic violence assault charge by Luce on Friday, March 8, and was taken to Franklin County Detention Center. He was released the next morning on $500 cash bail.

The District Attorney's Office reviewed the evidence and brought two charges of assault against Hutchins. One charge cites the woman as the reported victim, while the second refers to another household member.

On Tuesday, Town Manager Richard Davis said that he could not comment on Hutchins' arrest, as it was a personnel matter. He said that there was an ongoing investigation into the situation.

A Class D misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail.

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  1. It's far to easy to be accused, I was very much mentally abused with threats of being accused of physical abuse so as to ruin my family's relationship and my job. Sometimes one pushes another just to far. It's not as hard as you believe to break a person and have them do something out of character. No excuse for physical harm, if in fact real harm can be undeniable. People need to be accountable on both sides of the situation and handle it as adults. Or get the help needed. No need to ruin someone because of not agreeing. Maybe the act of provoking should be criminal also!

  2. Can't wait to see what kind of justice the D.A will hand out, being he a town employee, even more what the town of Farmington is going to do with a him

  3. "Maybe the act of provoking should be criminal also!"

    I thought the whole idea of being an adult is to be in control of your own actions, regardless of another adult'a ability to? Did I miss something?

  4. Maybe we should wait for the whole story to come out before we convict him.

  5. .... Myopinion.. quite evident that you are 'are out of touch' with how people think today... Just hang em and get it over with...

  6. I am sick of the "court of public opinion". Any why should the town do anything.

  7. @ me..
    Let me get right to the point.
    Your comment was ignorant.
    Maybe you don't comprehend what you are reading..not convicted yet or maybe never in this case.
    Besides we're all innocent until proven guilty,,
    There's also this little thing called due process that is supposed to happen before m t headed people start doling out a sentence.

    I don't know any of the people involved in this situation, I just cringe at the on line judges here.

    Also the days of "never got a woman" have been forced away from us due to do many physically aggressive females thinking they can do whatever they want with no consequences...

    They'll figure this one out and Justice will prevail.

  8. Reading "Comprehension
    You be alright