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Rangeley Museum’s new roof completed, thanks to many

"These lads did an awesome job of prepping the roof during two long sessions of hard work," said Ron Haines of the museum board. From left to right: Clifford Harding, Leo Bolduc, Adam Breton, Eric Breton and Brian Thibeault.

RANGELEY - Last spring, Richard Hill discovered a few shingles on the ground while opening up the main building of the Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum for the 2010 season. It was the first indication the museum's roof, now 33 years old, was not going to make it through the next season.

The board of directors decided to replace the shingles with sheet metal roofing to match the other museum buildings and fund raising efforts began in earnest. After determining the number of sheets and then the cost per sheet, a display was set up to encourage people to make contributions.

The fund raiser included "buying" full sheets for $60 and half sheets. Donors could add a branch (dowel rod) into an old cedar stump for each contribution. Their name was put on a tag that resembled a leaf on the end of the branch. The appeal started at the end of the Logging Festival on July 23 and continued until the Apple Festival on Oct. 2. Contributions ranged from $10 to $240. An appeal was made through the news media in late August for assistance on all fronts: general work assistance, donations, reduced costs for supplies and materials, and most of all, help with the installation of the metal.

"We are most happy, no, delighted with the response, considering the number of appeals the community was ask to consider this year and every year. Indeed what a responsible and generous community we have here in Rangeley," said Ron Haines, president of museum's board.

Haines said the board would like to issue a collective "your appreciated and most sincerely thanked" for all those that aided in making financial contributions for the roof. "It is a most positive feeling to know that such support is here in Rangeley to assist us when trying to keep our "very special" working man's museum, the RLRLM, well maintained and moving forward especially when major projects overwhelm our modest budget."

Rangeley Building Supply helped out from the start and helped secure a break-even price from the manufacturer (a Maine outfit) and they also offered a "one time good deal" with their support, cost, wise advice, etc.

Gil Bolduc, a roofing contractor, called Haines also offering assistance.

"Mr. Bolduc made a very simple and super generous statement in that first phone conversation: 'I will do the job for you just let me know when you're ready and I believe my crew can do it in one day.' These lads did an awesome job of prepping the roof during two long sessions of hard work," Haines said.

Six large sky lights, which provide natural lighting inside the museum, were a major problem for both the prep crew and the installation crew. Bolduc's team saved the museum another $1,800 by making up the flashing kits for skylights.

"To our delight Scott Morton arrived with one of his major toys, a tractor/back hoe, to make the clean up of the trash shingles a easy and fast job," he said.

Wayne and Velma Lessard, Sheila Waldeck, Richard Hill, Steve Richard and Klara, along with some other members of RLRLM provided support throughout, which kept the project on track. Haines wanted to give many thanks again for their help.

"I want to express my sincere wish that all the above folks get the recognition and appreciation that they truly deserve for helping us secure the museum (the roof anyway) for the next 40 years," he said. Anyone that wishes to be part of RLRLM call Ron at 864-5551.

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