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Results of the 5th Annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah

Buoy Ball winners in photo (left to right) - Sarah Gagne (Women), Jeff Berman (Men), Ethan Hoffman (Teen) and Christian Jonas (Youth).

RANGELEY - The Rangeley Skating Club and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce recently hosted the 5th Annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah- a family-friendly celebration of winter activities and competitions. The event took place on Sunday, Feb. 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The two organizations teamed up again this year to host the event, which included all the favorites from past years- skating, curling, pond hockey, fat tire bikes, snowshoes, kick sleds, horse and cart rides, marshmallow roast, snow golf, snow kite, and snow castle. New this year was Snowball “Ted”. There was also a line up of fun, pay-to-enter competitions for the entire family, with prizes awarded to winners in each competition. Competitions included: Dog Keg Pull, Buoy Ball, Firewood Toss, Fat Tire Bike Race and the Cardboard Sled Race.

Winners of the competitions were:

Dog Keg Pull

Winner of the Keg Pull for Small Dogs- "Oscar" (owned by Kerry Gardner).

Small Dogs – Kerry Gardner with “Oscar”
Medium Dogs – Nancy & Gary Perlson with “Scout”
Large Dogs – Sara Gould with “Tila”

Cardboard Sled (Best Design) – Moe Webber/Adelaide Dea
Cardboard Sled (Race) – Nate Beauregard

Firewood Toss
Men – Pete Clancy
Women – Bobbi Driscoll
Youth – Max LaPointe

Fat Tire Bike Race
Dustin Duchesne

Buoy Ball
Men – Jeff Berman
Women – Sarah Gagne

Winner of the Dog Keg Pull for Large Dogs- Sara Gould with "Tila" (shown with Jim Ferrara).

Teen – Ethan Hoffman
Youth – Christian Jonas

For the second year, agents from the Rangeley Border Patrol station were again on hand to meet with participants, take photos and answer questions.

“We were extremely pleased with the turnout for this year’s event for all of the events at Haley Pond. We could not put on this event without the hard work of all the volunteers and we very much appreciate our sponsors who support the event. Next year, even bigger and better!” Event co-organizer Karen A. Ogulnick said.

Winner of Best Design of Cardboard Sleds Moe Webber and Adelaide Dea.

“The enthusiasm for this event is increasing. We have families who plan their vacation week to include Winterpaloozah! Our goal is to make this a better event every year by adding new activities and getting more people to join in the fun," event coordinator Linda Dexter said.

The committee is already tossing around new ideas and looking forward to planning next year’s 6th Annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah.

Fastest Cardboard Sled Nate Beauregard.

Winner of the Fat Tire Bike race Dustin Duchesne.

Winner of the Firewood Toss in the men's category- Pete Clancy (shown with Jim Ferrara, left).

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