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RSU 73, RSU 9 extend closures

LIVERMORE FALLS - Following recommendation from Governor Mills, Regional School Unit 73 and 9 have both decided to extend school closures until at least April 27.

The districts had originally planned to reopen to the public on March 30, but have made the decision to extend that closure due to the state's proclaimed emergency status.

RSU 73 Superintendent Scott Albert reported there have been no confirmed cases within RSU 73.

"This is still meant as a deterrent and is the district being pro-active," he wrote in a press release.

During the closure, staff will be working remotely to provide learning activities as well as bagged meals.

For a complete list of RSU 73 pick up locations for meals and work, click here. For details on RSU 9 meal and work offerings click here.

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  1. So remember this the next time you buy something that was "made in China" that this virus was "made in China".

  2. Bud,
    Right now what the world needs is compassion and kindness. It does not need more xenophobic hysteria that I read in your letter above. It's easy to tear things down, including other people or races - but it takes real strength and courage and heart to rise above our fears and work to build a better world.

    It's time to speak up for goodness that we are all capable of, what has helped us survive for millions of years to grow into an incredible society capable of so many positive and life enriching capabilities.

    I do hope you and others who agree with what you wrote in your note will open themselves up to the love that is in your heart, the kindness you are capable of sharing with the world. I'm sure that you are capable of that, and more.

    This is a time to be of good heart and get out in the world and take care of our neighbors - all of our neighbors, without prejudice.

    Tim Davis

  3. Look around the world..area schools will be closed through the remainder of the year

  4. Oh please, Bud. The USA has exported plenty of unpleasant things too. Some intentional and some not. Stop being gross.

  5. Bud,
    One particularly famous American Export... Agent Orange which killed or maimed over 400,000 people in Viet Nam. And that was intentional. Yup, "made in America".

  6. Kudos to you Tim and well said. We are all in this together. We are all human beings and to pit one against another in a time when we should all be banding together is just plain wrong.

    This is a time to help one another not cut each other down. We will get through this not apart but together.

    Be strong, be helpful, be compassionate look inside to see the good that needs to come out of this.

    Be safe, be healthy

  7. VIruses don't have passports or nationalities. The Spanish flu of 1918 actually originated in Kansas. To blame a country or people for the development of a virus is irrational. That's why the practice of referring to diseases based on where they were discovered was ended - it was seen as irrationally connecting a disease with a country or people. It makes no more sense to blame China for this than to blame Kansas for the 50 million killed from the so-called Spanish flu.