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Salem Township man charged after allegedly threatening to shoot health center staff

Timothy Darnell (Photo courtesy of Franklin County Detention Center)

STRONG - A Freeman Township man was arrested Tuesday, after he allegedly called the Strong Area Health Center and threatened to shoot staff members.

Timothy Darnell, 41 of Freeman Township, was arrested my Maine State Police and charged with terrorizing, a Class C felony, after he allegedly threatened health center staff after they refused to fill a prescription.

According to an arrest affidavit filed by Maine State Police Trooper Andrew Hardy, police were dispatched to the health center at approximately 11:40 a.m. after the receiving a report that Darnell had called and threatened to shoot people in the center. Hardy, Franklin County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Steve Lowell and other units responded to the health center. There, they learned that Darnell had called wanting to get a prescription filled and staff had refused. Darnell had then "screamed at them over the phone that he was going to come there and shoot everyone," Hardy wrote in the affidavit.

The health center shut down until Darnell could be located.

Police also learned that Darnell might go to Mt. Blue Drug in Farmington to get the prescription filled. The three Farmington units on duty responded to that area until the situation was resolved, according to Farmington Police Department Office Manager Bonnie Pomeroy.

FCSO and MSP units responded to Darnell's residence on the Gilkey Hill Road in Salem Township. At approximately 12:39 p.m., those units reported that Darnell's vehicle was in his driveway. Officers, including Hardy, responded to the residence and formed a perimeter. There, Hardy said he observed an emotional Darnell on his porch. Darnell left a few minutes later, walking across the lawn towards the woods. At that point, Hardy and other officers arrested Darnell without incident.

Darnell was arrested on a charge of terrorizing and transported to Franklin County Detention Center. Bail was later set at $1,000 cash or $200 with a Maine Pretrial Service contract, with conditions to include not returning to the Strong Area Health Center. He was still at the jail as of Friday morning.

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  1. People will be safer with Timothy Darnell in jail. Hope he stays there and that he gets the help he needs to be in the public being a good citizen

  2. Nice mug shot; apparently nobody man enough to try to get a pretty orange shirt on him?

  3. Marjorie I don’t anyone that feels unsafe around Tim. We all have our demons-what’s yours?

  4. Timmy Darnell is not a bad person, he just needs to get some help!! Hopefully he receives that in the future.

  5. detox and a hug, problem solved

  6. CP: Just a guess but I would say everyone who was at work doing their job that day felt unsafe around Tim... Maybe you also think Tim had his first and second amendment rights violated?

  7. Sam. 1st and 2nd amendments. Freedom of speech. Right to bere arms. Absolutely not to threaten people because you have a problem. I know all the people at the office closely. One very personally my wife . Don't defend him !!!!

  8. Problems or not, when you 'act out' this way, it's NOT 'detox and hug'. It's JAIL where you detox, help, and close monitoring after. Funny how the folks who SAY they want to stop school shootings, mass murders...routinely fail to take this sort of 'cry for help' seriously! THIS is how it starts - THIS may be the only warning the community gets. Explosive anger, threatening to KILL people (who knows if it could have been followed thru with?) is hardcore, not some small joke! $200 bail for lax....

    By all means, just hug and shrug that off. But don't be surprised by next month's headlines, if that's your approach! Don't wanna hear how it's the NRA's fault, either; every time, this starts up first and is ignored. This is a Progressive issue...when the hug doesn't work.

  9. Rolli 11, Sorry that you were personally affected by the insane choices this guy Tim has made but please reread my post as nothing about it is in defense of this man and his choice to make threatening words and actions. I was responding to CP's comment "Marjorie I don’t anyone that feels unsafe around Tim. We all have our demons-what’s yours?" which appears to first defend the offender and then intimidate the first commenters. I hope this guy (Tim) gets himself together and learns that you can't throw threats out there and not expect the responsibility of consequence.

  10. Yes, detox, your place of choice. Real detox is just that, detox.
    " Hugs " is a sarcastic way to say people like this, acting out, need a lot of close attention. I have no doubts without intervention and some life changes this guy is a time bomb and the next news we read will be worse.
    OverRegulated, I agree, when I saw 200 dollar bail I could not believe it. Threatening peoples lives and then being cut loose is insane. There should be a mandatory hold for something like this.

  11. Sorry same. Frustrated. If someone wants to waste there life when it can be productive there one choice. Just don't want to be involved. Uneasy feeling just to go to Wal-Mart. That is why I believe in the 2nd amendment. Need this problem to stop now.

  12. Glad my appointment was at 830 that day....

  13. I've gone to the Strong area health center for many yrs and know all of the staff. I can't imagine and never want to know the feeling they had when getting threatened by this guy. I think it is absurd the low amount of bail he had to come up with...hopefully this time he doesn't act out on his threats...knowing he is on the streets again would make me uneasy going to paper that bans him from going there ..will stop him...he should have stayed in jail...

  14. MD, military time?

  15. @ the Captain....that’d be

  16. Timmy is not at all a bad person. He’s actually one of the best workers I know, and would do anything for anyone. Unfortunately his demons still haven’t left from his past. He’s a good boy and wouldn’t hurt a soul.

  17. The usual treatment. If we know them, it's, "But there are extenuating circumstances! If they're strangers, it's, "String him up!" There's probably an old song about this.

  18. Nobody has expressed any interest in the obvious questions: Why was the prescription not filled? And what did Tim Darnell think was wrong with the reasoning of those who refused to fill it?