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Sandy River Farm Market issues milk recall

Sandy River Farm Market announced a recal of its whole milk with the date 11/14 on the cap.

Sandy River Farm Market announced a recall of its whole milk with the date 11/14 on the cap.

FARMINGTON - Sandy River Farm Market is recalling its whole milk with the code 11/14 on the cap after routine test results determined the product did not achieve proper pasteurization during processing.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation Forestry, stressed in a news release that the recall is "out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of its customers." No illnesses have been reported and the market's co-owners Erik and Trudy Johnson are fully cooperating with the recall. The Johnsons weren't available for comment on Monday.

The recalled milk was sold in sizes of pints, half gallons and gallons, with a code of 11-14 on the cap. The milk was sold to retail customers from the Sandy River Farm Market on Farmington Falls Road and at Tranten's on Main Street, both in Farmington.

The whole milk tested didn't have enough of an air space at the top of the milk tested which is an indicator that proper pasteurization has been achieved during processing. Without the pasteurization process completed, pathogens could have been allowed to survive in the product, the DACF said.

The pasteurized milk produced for sale at the markets come from the Sandy River Farms' cows. The market offers various milk fat percentage products, including skim and chocolate milks. The whole milk produced on Nov. 1 showing a date of 11/14 on the cap is the only milk under the recall.

According to market employee Donavan, the Nov. 1 batch under recall amounts to under 30 gallons of milk.

Consumers are urged to discard, or return to point of purchase, any remaining product with the code of 11- 14.  For questions, contact Erik Johnson at 778-9448.

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  1. The York farm produces delicious fresh milk from their own well-cared for cows and its the only milk my granddaughter will drink. I am confident the family won't let this glitch happen again so let's hope people continue to support this local business!

  2. We love it too to many rules, it was always fine to drink it right from the cow.there milk is delicous

  3. We go to Sandy River Farm market at least once a week, and get the raw milk from across the street at the farm. This place is awesome. Things are always clean and such a friendly family and staff to wait on you. It's a terrible shame that one small batch of milk that didn't get quite pasteurized enough for government standards had to make such a big article to get people talking trash. I hope that this doesn't affect the customer clientele with the farm. The state needs more farms like Sandy River farm to offer fresh milk and produce. Thank you Sandy River and I'll stand behind you and do what I can to pass the word on your great devotion to keep it fresh and keep it local.

  4. We agree, we buy our milk there every week and actually had this batch. We are all fine...and will continue to buy our milk at Sandy River Farm!

  5. Who's talking trash? Everyone seem's pretty supportive here. They run a good business. Shouldn't be anything to worry about.