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FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2011: All schools in MSAD 58 (Avon, Kingfield, Phillips, Stratton and Strong), Mt. Blue RSD (Chesterville, Farmington, Industry, New Sharon, New Vineyard, Temple, Vienna, Wilton, Weld), RSU 36 (Livermore and Livermore Falls), Jay and RSU 78 (Rangeley) are closed today.

Event changes will be added as we receive them.


The Wilton Early Childhood Auction has been rescheduled for Friday, April 8th at the Cushing School in Wilton. Viewing of items starts at 6 p.m. with the live Auction by Auctioneer Adrian Harris, to start at 6:30.

The Wilton Town Office is closing at 1 p.m.

The Town Office in Kingfield is closed today.

Franklin County government offices are closed today.

The Women’s Business Owner’s Networking Group scheduled for this morning has been canceled due to the weather.

The Farewell Gathering and Celebration Honoring Rick Dorian, LEAP CEO has been moved to Saturday 4/2/11 at 4:30 p.m. at the Trinity Methodist Church.

The Tantalizing Tales and Treats scheduled for Saturday, April 2 at Old South First Congregational Church from 6:30 to 8:30 has been postponed to a later date. Anyone who has purchased tickets and wishes a refund should contact Debbie at 778-5948.

Franklin County Animal Shelter benefit auction and dinner. Benefit dinner and silent auction scheduled for this Friday, April 1 is being postponed to Saturday, April 2. Everything else is the same - same time 5-7 - Old South Church, Farmington. $6 adults/ $4 child.

The Franklin County Soil & Water Annual Meeting has been changed from this Friday night, April 1st to Friday the 15th of April with the social gathering at 5:30 and the welcome at 6 p.m.

If you have an event postponement or cancellation today email

Lots of hungry birds flocking to the feeders today. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)

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10 Responses »

  1. The schools are closed? The snow must be the result of a teachers' union conspiracy!

    In my day, we walked 30 miles through 8 feet of snow (and 2 feet of lava) to get to school every day, 480 days a year, and if the teacher wasn't there, she was tarred and feathered! Of course back then, they didn't have these Bolshevist, dirtbag, scumbag "unions."

  2. The Wilton Free Public Library will be closed today.

  3. Got to be the UNIONS!!! I am painting a mural depicting lazy teachers sitting at home on a snow day as we speak. Gonna offer it to the Dept. of Labor.

  4. The rest of the redpolls in the world are emptying my feeders, Don.

    Pierre - you forgot the parts about being uphill both ways and the pack of wolves snapping at our heels.

  5. I am surprised that Pierre Zinzin's comment was posted as his comment contributes nothing to the topic of cancellations due to the storm today. Let's have updates on cancellations due to the storm not one's personal issues on another topic.

  6. Tony - the lava we had to deal with made the landscape ever-changing, but uphill both ways does sound good. And in my day, we didn't have wolves; we had sabre-toothed skunks chasing us the whole way.

    CJ - I agree with you completely.
    (Of course, it would have looked more consistent if you had shared this opinion of yours the last time there was an announcement about school cancellations, and some of the community's less experienced whippersnappers introduced compelling conspiracy theories about the involvement of teachers' unions in all manner of meteorological mischief.)

  7. I totally agree with you, CJ.

    Apparently, some of you should step into the shoes of a teacher. Their day does not stop when they go home. There are papers to grade and lessons to plan. There are many who coach and yes, volunteer for activities. Oh, and those summers that you think they are sitting on the beach drinking tropical drinks, most are taking course work to keep up with certifications.

    NO- I am not a teacher.

    It's too bad that a few bad apples out there spoil the batch. We have some great teachers out there. They are truly getting a bad rap. They are under-appreciated.

  8. Just Sayin'... You obviously never had to walk through molten lava to get to school like I did.

    (Okay, that was your last chance to "get" that my assertion that a teachers' union - nay, any union - could influence the weather was satirically motivated. I think I've been more than patient.)

  9. Pierre, Wade, and Tony - thanks for the laughs! Pierre, I totally "get" where you are coming from, as I purposely went to this story as a direct result of reading the LAST cancellation notice, and the ridiculous assumption that teachers had the cancellation powers. Wanted to see if the same idiots had posted, and instead had a great start to my day with all of you!

    CJ - guess you had to be there.

  10. Dear Vigilante,

    It is my aim - and a pleasure - to please those who are ready to be pleased by things I consider pleasing.

    (I was pleased by the Aristotle quote, by the way.)

    Gods bless,