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Science/possible UFO spotted above middle school

A Mt. Blue Middle School science class takes to the air above the athletic fields (Photo by Kim Fast)

A Mt. Blue Middle School science class takes to the air above the athletic fields (Photo by Kim Fast)

FARMINGTON - Anyone driving by Mt. Blue Middle School recently would be forgiven if they thought they were seeing a UFO hovering over the fields. In reality, MBMS science teacher Greg Veayo's class was outside conducting an experiment.

"We are studying light and how it reflects and absorbs into materials, which leads us to how plants use visible light waves through chlorophyll to make energy in the photosynthesis process," said Veayo.

Students on the Bigelow community at MBMS filled the 50 foot long bag with air and saw first hand that when visible light was shining on the black balloon, the air inside the balloon expanded. This, in turn, made the density less than the air outside, resulting in the balloon rising.

The students and their teacher have dubbed the experiment, "The Giant Black Hotdog of Science."

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  1. Greg is such a valuable member of the school system. I've never heard a student say they don't enjoy his class. His approach is creative and draws in even the most reluctant learner. This is just one of his very educational and entertaining projects.

  2. Our community and students are very lucky to have such a creative teacher that makes learning fun for all.
    Greg is an outstanding teacher and is an great example of the many fine teachers that shape our children's futures.

  3. A great teacher doing exciting things to help students learn. Keep up the good work!

  4. Really cool experiment!

  5. So cool! Keep up the good work Greg!

  6. There are always great things happening in v-sci! I bet the students "relished" this "Gulden" opportunity. Experiments like this play a "roll" in the rest of the world having to "ketchup" to our students! Puns (buns) aside, congrats Greg and class for making learning fun!

  7. Great Job! : )