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Season of shadows

Egypt Pond. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Autumn shows off in Chesterville. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

A female loon, with a few patches of non-breeding gray plumage, grooms in Minnehonk Lake. It won't be long before she leaves to spend the winter in Penobscot Bay. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Raindrops. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Little Chip checking the weather. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

It was a fine day for some rock climbing. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Oops, Little Chip got caught in a tight squeeze. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Saved from the ravine by some quick action. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Gathering the foliage report was a safer bet for Little Chip. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Brilliant after rain. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Wonderful fall reflections. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Mother, Father and Baby. (Photo by Jane Knox)

Dark-eyed Junco in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Canada Geese taking flight in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Canada Geese flying by the last vestiges of fall in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Golden-crowned Kinglet in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

American Goldfinch in fall plumage in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

A Hermit Thrush looking for some berries in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

At dawn, one single tree can brighten your day. Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

A chickadee stops long enough to show me his prize he got. Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

A red Cardinal! A true fall color for sure! Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

A female Northern Cardinal looks for some berries from a burning bush. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Bright eyes and a bushy tail. (Photo by Dennis York)

Early morning blast off on the Andro. (Photo by Dennis York)

A view of Voter Hill from Route 43. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)

Water from recent rains flows over the Walton's Mill dam. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)

Rains over Walton's Mill dam. (Photo by Don Waterhouse)

Snowy mountain with fall foliage in Maine. (Photo by Paige Plourde)

Albany Notch summit. (Photo by Paige Plourde)

Crystal cascades in New Hampshire. (Photo by Paige Plourde)

Basin pond in New Hampshire. (Photo by Paige Plourde)

A light at the end of the tunnel. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A female northern flicker. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A deer. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

The leaves are gone on this tree now. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Geese in the cornstalks. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Well hello. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

Foggy view. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A tufted titmouse. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A chipmunk. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A chickadee. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

(Photo by Karen Dalot)

A bluejay. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A bald eagle. (Photo by Karen Dalot)

A robin in the apple tree. (Photo by Karen Dalot)


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  1. Love your pics, bro!

  2. Wonderful display of water, Paige. Especially the waterfall.

  3. Gorgeous views of Maine everyone. I love the Golden-crowned Kinglet in Wilton, this bird looks sad! The reflections and waterfalls are very peaceful.

  4. These are great!!!!, you all do a great job👍THANK YOU🙂

  5. Karen, I like the gnarly tree in the fog. Thanks, everyone, for the wild life & stills.

  6. I look forward to these photos every week. Thank you all very much for sharing your talents. I love, love, love them.

  7. Thank you Jane!

  8. Thanks to all for outdoor treasures to view from our homes.
    And I really love the one loon show!

  9. Hey thanks Sis! Glad to see your showing some of your Images. To all, thanks for sharing some of mothers Natures best!


  11. Pictures like these are one of the main highlights of the Daily Bulldog! Thank you!

  12. Great pictures again this week. So enjoy them!!