Franklin Countys First News

Snowed in early

Franklin County's many talented photographers are here to bring readers the best shots of nature and those who live in it. The basis for the Sunday collections goes back to March 2011, when author and photographer Jane Naliboff of Chesterville began sending a few pictures each week. Other photographers have since joined the effort, creating one of the Bulldog's most widely appreciated features. If you are interested in contributing, please send photos with a caption and your name to

Farmington Falls. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

Thanksgiving moon. (R. Spencer Thompson)

Looks like someone thinks they look pretty good! Gray Fox. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

I guess this guy thinks the Big Hunt is over! 2:30 in the afternoon. (Jim Knox)

In a snow storm, a young bald eagle along Wilson Stream, Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Evening Grosbeak shows up and moves on. Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Always looking good! Red male cardinal. Wilton (Jim Knox)

Cold morning at Parker Pond. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin)

Rangeley Lake not yet iced over. Be careful! (Jane Knox)

Snowed in one's garage. (Jane Knox)

Snow capped Saddleback Mountain Range. (Jane Knox)

Sunset over North Pond, Belgrade Lakes. (Jane Knox)

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5 Responses »

  1. Stunning photos as always, thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for giving us "snowbirds" a taste of winter without the feel. They're all beautiful pictures!

  3. Great photos again this week!

  4. That handsome gray fox is half red; how do you tell a gray fox from a red one? Certainly king of his realm. And a killer sunset. I look forward to these each week.

  5. Outstanding composition of the gray fox! Well done.