Franklin Countys First News

Stepping out of winter

Mallard Ducks test the ice on Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Two Canada Geese trying to find some open water in Wilson Lake. (Jim Knox)

Two Blue Jays, having a slight disagreement in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Hermit Thrush, Chesterville (Jane Naliboff)

Hermit Thrush, front view, Chesterville (Jane Naliboff)

Female Wood Duck, Readfield (Jane Naliboff)

Male Wood Duck (Jane Naliboff)

Mrs. and Mr. Goose, Readfield (Jane Naliboff)

A red winged blackbird sings for a mate in Wilton. (Dennis York)

Nine bunnies born on Easter. The next day we had 11 more! (Dennis York)

Weld whitetail. (Dennis York)

A happy pair of Mallards in Weld. (Dennis York)

Snowdrops. (Darlene Power)

Smalls Falls, near Rangeley. The path to Smalls Falls is snow covered. The falls has a good water flow with snow and ice on the banks of the brook. (Jim Dwinal)

The Rangeley Overlook. Rangeley Lake still has ice and no spring flowers have come up do to the cold weather. (Jim Dwinal)

A Killdeer, checking out some open fields in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Merganser in East Dixfield. (Jim Knox)

Sun rooms and green houses producing spring flowers, including this rose, to be transplanted into gardens and around fences in the months to come. (Jane Knox)

Orchids (Jane Knox)

Spring is here. (Jane Knox)

Spring melting away. (Darlene Power)

A loon returns. (Darlene Power)




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  1. Beautiful and Amazing as Always.
    The bunnies are adorable, so sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice stuff, Dennis!

  3. Darlene,

    Would you mind sharing where you spotted the loon?

  4. Thank you so much all of your perfect pictures of so many different items of Spring in Maine. Thanks, again ;-) I truly look forward to your pictures every Sunday because I really enjoy ALL of them.

  5. Red Wing Blackbirds and crocus!!! YEAH SPRING!

  6. Very nice picture's, Thanks again....

  7. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures, I look forward to pictures of all the trees leaved out,

  8. Beautiful pictures. Loving the bunnies. Just in case you need someone to help :) One of you folks with a good camera maybe could go to Weld and get a pic of the deer. We saw 60 or 70 the evening we went up. God's creations.

  9. Belgrade

  10. Beautiful birds and adorable bunnies! Great start to my week. thank you all!

  11. Thanks Jane, I really like your pictures to!

  12. Beautiful spring flower, Jane K. and running waters Jim and Darlene! Dennis, deer are usually my favorite, but those baby bunnies have stolen my heart - so precious!

    Thanks to all for brightening my day!

  13. Thank you, Jenn.

  14. love the fabulous pictures.