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Students lend a helping hand to Pierce House residents

The Foster Career and Technology Center Building Construction class. Pictured are instructor George Chimenti (right) and students: Kyle Fox, Jerimahii Stebbins, Isaiah Finn, Hunter Hutchins, Zachery Anderson, Traves Haines and Aden Howard.

FARMINGTON - Residents at the Pierce House on Main Street were able to enjoy a new outdoor space just in time for Grandparent's Day, thanks to the handy work of students in the Foster Career and Technology Center Building Construction class.

A gazebo purchased by the seniors' home more than a year ago had been inaccessible to most residents due to its elevation off the ground. Knowing that Grandparent's Day was quickly approaching, members of the board reached out to Building Construction teacher George Chimenti to see if he could remedy the gazebo.

"George responded right away. Within a week the kids had built the steps in the shop and installed them here on Friday," Pierce House Administrator Darlene Mooar said.

Mooar said the residents enjoyed watching the project unfold throughout the day and have been even more excited to utilize it since completion.

"It gives them a big, beautiful structure to enjoy being outside in, while still being in the shade. Many of them wouldn't be able to go outside if they didn't have a shaded spot," Mooar said.

This is the first project that the FCTC has worked on at the Pierce House, but Mooar hopes to see a lot more collaboration in the future.

"It was amazing to see how happy the students were to be out in the community, and helping older people. I know first hand the value of the program," she said.

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  1. These Foster Tech classes are so amazing!! Hands on experience will be helpful in these young kids future's. Great job :)

  2. The students from Foster Tech a part of Mt.Blue high School. You all did a great job and looks great

  3. Mr. C!!!!!! haven't seen him in a long time. Glad he is still teaching

  4. Proud of you Kyle.

  5. Great job class! Way to help out and learn while you’re doing it Isaiah!

  6. It is wonderful that Foster Tech helps the community. I wonder if they could put railings on the step as well. And maybe a little ramp. Many of the residents in the Pierce House could benefit from such additions.