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Students prepare for testing with the Franklin County Fiddlers

Franklin County Fiddlers kick off Academy Hill School's test season.

WILTON - Next week marks the beginning of what many students consider a stressful time: the start of the Maine Educational Assessments. The standardized testing allows classrooms, schools and districts to track progress both of students and educators and improve or adjust as needed.

Many schools throughout Regional School Unit 9 offer stress-relieving opportunities during testing periods, such as a variety of awards in between the tests, extra snacks and more time for movement and fresh air.

Students at Academy Hill School were offered a fresh perspective on testing Wednesday afternoon with a performance from the Franklin County Fiddlers. Lead by Steve Muise, the group of Mt. Blue High School students shared encouragement, wisdom and foot-stomping tunes to the crowd of third through fifth graders.

"What is something that I say a lot?" Muise questioned the audience.

"DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE AWESOME!" the crowd cheered.

Muise and the fiddlers explained their motto to the students, saying that it's not about being conceited, but about living life to its fullest potential with a foundation of kindness. Tying in the upcoming MEAs, Muise highlighted several test-taking skills such as not leaving any questions blank and managing time. The fiddlers also stressed the importance of perseverance, in life as well as in test taking or other difficult scenarios.

The AHS staff has been working hard all week to prepare their students for the tests, encouraging them to eat healthy breakfasts each morning and to strive for good sleep. The school also held a spirit week to lighten the mood.

Principal Keith Acedo said he has been meeting with each student individually throughout the week to help better prepare them. Together they go over what to expect from the test, some pointers for getting through it as well as review the student's scores from the previous year.

"It's amazing to see the surprise on their face when they hear that they only missed an answer by one or two points," Acedo said. "I like to use the positive. And then they always get a piece of candy before leaving."

To learn more about helping a student through standardized testing click here.

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  1. What a great way to help them through ,the week. I love listening to the fiddlers. Great job and idea!

  2. This is an awesome way to get our students ready for a long process. Good luck to each student at AHS!

  3. This is so awesome!! Well done!!