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Summertime bounty

A hummingbird moth visiting bee balm. (Photo by Laura Ganz)

A female ruby-throated hummingbird. (Photo by Laura Ganz)

Twins on the Pond road in Wilton. (Photo by Dennis York)

A fawn in a field of green. (Photo by Dennis York)

Where the Wild Things are: Teddy Bear in the night kitchen. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Sometimes you just need to scratch an itch no matter who's watching. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

A goldfinch snacks on liatris.The goldfinches also tried rudbekia, cat mint, and cone flower petals in spite of having sunflower seeds in the feeders. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Goldfinch snacking on rudbekia. (Photogr by Jane Naliboff)

Up close and personal with a Yellow Bear caterpillar. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Great blue heron with landing gear ready. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Up close and personal with a grasshopper. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Closer than most humans want to be to a grasshopper's face. It was most cooperative, though. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Three of the nine loons who have gathered on Egypt Pond relax in the early morning sun. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

A loon takes a practice run on Egypt Pond. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Loon fun! This group of nine adult loons dove, called, splashed, relaxed, and socialized together. Nine loons calling at the same time was, well, cool! (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Little Loon, 6 weeks, spent Sunday morning out and about with Papa. Sadly, the second chick apparently didn't fare as well and hasn't been seen. (Photo by Jane Naliboff)

Late summer heat brings out the cool colors in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

Big talk for someone with a back up! A Gray Fox plus one in Wilton. (Photo by Jim Knox)

A Snowy Egret on its own island in the Scarborough Marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox)

A friend helping a friend fish. Snowy Egrets at the Scarborough Marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox)

female or juvenile Common Yellowthroat scratching at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Juvenile male Common Yellowthroat at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton (Photo by Tom Oliver)

Pickerelweed at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)

A juvenile Broad-winged Hawk at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton.(Photo by Tom Oliver)

These pictures are taken with my game camera. I have grey fox and deer visiting me. Doe with twins although I believe traffic has claimed a fawn. Sometimes the fox and deer come face to face. (Photo by Jack Mills)

(Jack Mills)

One mean looking bug. (Photo by Dennis York)

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  1. I did not know there is a Hummingbird Moth, I love all the pictures this week. It's interesting how close you can zoom on the caterpillars face. Thank you all.

  2. That mean looking bug is a Dobson Fly. Their larva live in free flowing rocky streams and are called hellgrammites.
    They do bite if provoked.

  3. Thanks very much to everyone. All are beautiful.

  4. The giant bug is a Dobsonfly. They do look imposing!

  5. Jane Nalioff you have done it again; I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Red dealing with an itch!! Thank you so much for the Loon series too.

  6. thank you all for the pictures. Grey fox and doe was a special picture. And the black bear up!