Franklin Countys First News

Sunnier days

A red squirrel a gray squirrel, and a deer share the feeder in Weld. (Dennis York)

'Ice-land' sunrise/Caribou (Jennifer Ellsworth)

The mischief making red squirrel has never been on my good side but couldn't help give him something to eat because he looked so in need. (Jane Knox)

A woodpecker checks out a sign in Weld. (Dennis York)

Last light of the day/Presque Isle (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Remnants of seasons past. (Jane Knox)

Snowy scene/Caribou (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Bluejay is always willing to share the suet log with Mr. Red Bellied Woodpecker. (Jane Naliboff)

This very tiny nest was attached to a thin branch, low to the ground, in the woods. (Jane Naliboff)

Snow globe. (Jane Naliboff)

The first sparrow I've seen all fall and winter. (Jane Naliboff)

It looks like these two might be planning a family come spring. The Tom's are getting frisky.(Jane Naliboff)

It's so convenient to have your coat available at all times in case of snow or rainstorms. Wearing fur is OK when it's your own. (Jane Naliboff)

Bluejay made a perfect catch. (Jane Naliboff)

Territorial squabbling or a philosophical discussion? (Jane Naliboff)

Three turkeys, out of the flock of 13, walking at sunrise to the snack bar after the storm. (Jane Naliboff)

Female hairy woodpecker ready for lift off. (Jane Naliboff)

An adorable flying squirrel had its days and nights confused. They're nocturnal, but there it was, eating under a bird feeder, unafraid of me and the feeder's owner. (Jane Naliboff)

Chickadee sunning on fresh snow. (Jane Naliboff)

Red Squirrel uses natural home security. (Jane Naliboff)

Dark eyed junco enjoying some sun on fresh snow. (Jane Naliboff)

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11 Responses »

  1. many NICE pics this week! The milkweed is stunning...nice macro shot. Kudos to everyone for the great captures this week!

  2. Jane K's milkweed is awesome! The finest filaments visible! Thanks, everybody, for sharing the flora & fauna.

  3. really nice pictures this week.. love the snow globe..

  4. Beautiful pictures, every one! I'm from Boston, now living in the Carolinas, and it makes me miss those deep, snowy days........almost. The milkweed photo I would love to hang on my wall, and the "'ice-land' sunrise" too. Nicely done.

  5. Just a note, that is Mister red belly with the jay, not Miss.

  6. Nice job Jennifer. Miss you

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jane , great shot of the milkweed !


  10. The deer and squirrels great pic. Thank you all for the photos, enjoy them so much.

  11. I'm sorry I'm so late this time but I'm so glad to discover all the pictures. Once again thank you all for sharing your pictures. I know what I say is always the same but what I'll say again. Thank you all so much I love all these pictures you share, I'm just a bit late this time :-(