Franklin Countys First News

Surrounded by green


Evening primrose salute the sun. (Maria James)

Fawn at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Ebony Jewel wing (a damselfly) with insect prey at Hills Pond. (Tom Oliver)

Bullfrog at Hills Pond. (Tom Oliver)

Yellow-rumped Warbler with insect prey at Hills Pond. (Tom Oliver)

Red-breasted Nuthatch at Hills Pond in Perkins Plantation. (Tom Oliver)

Doe and fawn at head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)


Two young bucks out for a walk on Walker Hill, Wilton. (Jim Knox)


An eagle, the point guard on Wilson Lake, Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A young red fox sneaking through a field, Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Showing a little Attitude? A female gray fox being protective of her young. (Jim Knox)

A beautiful sunset at Wilson Lake. (Jim Dwinal)

A beautiful white giant daylily. (Jim Dwinal)

Sunset. (Darlene Power)

Sunrise. (Darlene Power)

First glimpse of a crane brings good luck! (Jane Knox)

Tall schooners take tourists out to sea. (Jane Knox)

Rows of red chairs waiting for Maine tourists. (Jane Knox)

Tall tiger Lilies reflect the heat of midsummer. (Jane Knox)

A doe surrounded by green. Weld (Dennis York)

Bull moose in Weld. (Dennis York)

Geese in the cattails. Wilton. (Dennis York)

Na-na, try to catch me. (Pat Blanchard)

Think I've been spotted. (Pat Blanchard)

I don't think she sees me. (Pat Blanchard)

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6 Responses »

  1. It is a blue hero not a crane. Sorry.

  2. Wonderful treat! Especially for us who are not lake dwellers! Thank you phtographers!

  3. Such great pictures, week after week. I can't wait to get back to Maine early next month.

  4. Beautiful photos !

  5. The photo that says "tiger lily" is the common orange daylily (hemerocallis fulva), also commonly called "ditch lily" or sometimes "tiger daylily". The photo that says it is a white daylily, on the other hand, is actually a true lily (lilium).