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Temple works toward bringing post office back to town

A special town meeting brought roughly 50 residents to the town office Monday evening.

TEMPLE - A special town meeting was held Monday evening to determine the details of the new post office which will be moving into the Town Office within the next several months. The post office was forced to find a new location or terminate its operations completely when a lease at the Hodgkins General Store came to an end in March 2018. Residents voted to keep the service, and make space for it, in February 2018, though the details of that move were undecided.

For more than a year now the Temple post office has been operating out of the West Farmington location, renting space for boxes and utilizing the services provided. A total of 80 post boxes were being used while there, according to Post Master Tammy Morgan.

After assessing the town office, engineers from the U.S. Postal Services deemed it fit with the addition of a 7-foot by 8-foot bathroom. The postal service would pay for half of the bathroom renovation costs, and 100 percent of the other costs associated with outfitting the new space. That will include improvements to the parking lot and driveway, Morgan said.

Residents approved the construction of a new bathroom to meet the needs of the incoming postal service. They also approved the Board of Selectmen to spend up to $12,000 from the Surplus Funds to cover the costs of that construction. That motion passed by a vote of 8 to 6.

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  1. I don't think Temple needs to have a post office when the West Farmington office is on the way to Temple.
    But if the people in Temple want to spend their own money to make this happen then it's all good I guess.

  2. Everyone in Temple has to pass by the W Farmington PO regularly just to exist. And I’m sure rural delivery would still continue. Ridiculous for USPS to have these redundant offices.

  3. Dryden, West Farmington, Farmington Falls,
    All Unnecessary.

    Who's paying for so these anyways???

  4. Speaking as a Temple resident, I have found that the Post Office can be the heart of the village. We haven't got a school or store anymore, nor a functioning church. To my memory, we have never had a library.

    The Post Office provides a central place for notices, conversation, and commerce. Who pays for it? We all do. It is an expense I'm happy to support.

  5. Quick geography lesson- Farmington isn't the center of the universe. Temple residents can and do exist without passing through West Farmington. Temple residents had a post office for many decades and most would like it back.Its not only a convenience,but a piece of our identity as a town.
    It is paid for by a quasi- goverment entity operating similar to a public utility,charging fees for its services.The cost isn't coming directly from your paycheck or tax bills.
    You come across as having the opinion that the town is barely worthy of notice,much less worthy of the services you enjoy in your town. We feel differently here and are proud to contribute to the community through County tax,school tax,and Mutual Aid. I suggest you do some research and see how all those small communities contribute to the overall well being of the County. Farmington and Wilton don't carry all the burden.

  6. How many....West Farmington is busy. Not as busy as intown, but it's still busy. I have used it since 1967, and when the PO moved to the present location, the boxes were expanded, and I believe they're all full.
    I know people in town who use the West Farmington PO because of the parking. Easy access and usually quick service....
    If we didn't have West Farmington then where would the Temple folks go? Strong???

  7. I live in Temple and work in Wilton Yes as some of you pointed out we do go by the W Farmington PO. Unfortunately, my work hours do not allow me to get my mail on the way to or from work. Therefore, I have to make a special trip to Farmington wasting gas and time. so having a PO in Temple is really convenient for me and a lot of other folks here in Temple. Unless of course You would like to deliver my mail to me. :)

  8. Making special trips and being inonvenienced is part of living in the country.

  9. @Dave
    There's only 3 main ways to get into Temple that I can think of.
    2 are in Farmington via Temple Road and Porter Hill.
    The 3rd would be the Temple Road in Wilton and if that's your route you still go by a PO on the way LOL.

  10. @ Dave
    So you must drive by the PO in East Wilton on the way to Temple then.....

  11. If you don't live in Temple,please be quiet,non of your business.You probably have bigger fish to fry.

  12. Jim and Sal - You are both still wrong in regards to my line of travel and still come across as believing all life must pass through downtown or over the bridge to exist.You might consider "not a Temple residents" advice.LOL yourself.

  13. Um,,, please don't tell people to be quiet about something that effects everyone that pays federal taxes.

    Having the "appropriate" amount of postal service is important.
    The key word is "appropriate".

    Many think the postal service is "bloated" with too many buildings and too many employees to pay for thru our taxes.

    Thank you.

  14. The post office use to be the center of the community. A place where people of the community met, shared their lives, ideas, and kindnesses with one another. It can be convenient, it can cost money, it can be a matter of opinion. This country wastes money, not only in our country but in other countries. Why can't we spend a little to support our smaller communities that make up the HEART of this State?!
    I am not a Temple resident. I grew up in Wilton and can remember it was an "event" to go to the Post Office ~~ you never knew just who may run in to! Isn't some of this worth keeping....

  15. 'Snippit".....I am all for local post office buildings. Just wanted to comment on the center of the community....try Walmart. I've run into more family and friends there!! Lol

  16. @Federal Spending, the United States Postal Service is not supported by your tax dollars. We are funded by the customers that utilize our services. Although you might not see the need for post offices some of our customers do. There are still people who value the mail. I feel qualified to address this because I have worked for USPS for almost 23 years.

  17. @ Dave
    Okay enough about the PO. You guys got it and that's fine.
    Now I just want to know all these secret roads that go into Temple that you know. Please.

  18. @Sal, the Temple Post Office closed because the landlord did not want to renew the lease with USPS, he had other plans for the building. USPS has been looking for a new site since then.
    @Federal, again your taxes don’t pay for the Post Office
    @Bec, I’ll deliver your mail...put up a box 3 1/2’ up. 📫

  19. Sal,,
    You spin this "as if" the postal service is a private company.
    It is not.
    They are federal employees with applicable federal retirement benefits.

    aka,,expensive $$.

    We need good mail service and I have no problem with the quality of the Postal Service in general.
    It's a big cost so what's wrong with asking questions.
    It "is" our business after all.

  20. Thank you for that critical information Tammy
    And for the folks who suggest we Temple people drive to the West Farmington post office......
    Have you ever driven on Route 43????