Franklin Countys First News

The edge of winter

At the edge of the Sandy River. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin/New Sharon)

A recent snowfall left beautiful scenery in Aroostook County this week. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

There is always a picture at the Beaver Bog. (Scott Landry)

A Christmas cabbage. (Jane Knox)

Parker Pond sunset. (Jane Naliboff)

Star trails spin over my house and tonight a super moon will grace the sky, the last of 2017. (Jane Naliboff)

One of thirty wild turkeys looking for goodies just as the snow starts in Rangeley hills. (Jane Knox)

Icy cold Fox Islands Thoroughfare from the town beach. (Jane Naliboff)

A partridge on the roadside in Weld. (Dennis York)

One red squirrel rejoined the snack bar regulars. Perhaps some snow will bring everyone back. (Jane Naliboff)

Gander watched over Goose on the shore of Maranacook Lake where they'll spend the winter with family and friends. (Jane Naliboff)

Chipmunk got a head start on his holiday decorating. (Jane Naliboff)

Vienna sunset looking towards the mountains. (Jane Naliboff)

One bluejay returned to the snack bar after two months of eating in the natural world. I've heard others comment about the disappearance of our feathered and furry friends.The return has been slow going, so just one bluejay was a welcomed sight. (Jane Naliboff)

(Scott Landry)

The chill is on! Smalls Falls. (Jim Knox )

Leaf on rainy window pane. (Jane Naliboff)


Way too late to launch canoes in Rangeley Lake where ice is now forming around the edges. (Jane Knox)

Presque Isle. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Full moon above chimney. (Terri Ziolkowski)

Chipmunk taking a look inside this strange house before deciding if he wanted to go in or not. (Jane Naliboff)

As good a way to enter as any. (Jane Naliboff)

If he couldn't see us, could we see him? (Jane Naliboff)

Chipmunk getting a good look for predators. (Jane Naliboff)

Full to the brim. (Jane Naliboff)

Possession is 9/10th of ownership, and chipmunk wasn't in a sharing mood. (Jane Naliboff)

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15 Responses »

  1. Beautiful photos everyone! Thank you.

  2. Beautiful photo of Smalls Falls -- have had many picnics there.

  3. Beautiful pictures, again.. Love the sunsets...

  4. I love the chipmunk adventures. Thank you to all. Smalls Falls is beautiful too.

  5. Stu... I recognized your work before I even saw your name. Wonderful!

  6. Thank you all for sharing; especially love the star trails!

  7. We lost our birds for quite some time but the chickadees and nut hatches are back now

  8. So many great pictures this week. Thank You as always. Have a great week

  9. Jane!! Beautiful!!

  10. Thank you once again Jane Naliboff with your amusing chipmunk pics and the awesome night sky shot.

  11. Jennifer, your first photo is stunning! Jane Knox, that's probably the last of that much color we'll see for some time. Thank you, all.

  12. Wonderful photos in Aroostook Jennifer. I keep coming back to the field with trees all in a row—great.

  13. Love the ice pictures. Thanks

  14. Thank you Patb. The Christmas Cabbage is still radiant but everything else is gone or brown, sigh.

  15. What a great photo collection! I particularly enjoyed the Elizabeth(Stu)Mehlin photo and Jim Knox's ice shot of Smalls Falls. And who could resist Jane Naliboff's chipmunk collection!
    We have wonderful photographers displaying their work in the Daily Bulldog, but even more, they are the story-tellers of our region. Thanks, guys -- and thanks to the Daily Bulldog for making my Sunday treat possible!