Franklin Countys First News

The peak of summer

Locke Pond. (Kathleen Beaubien)

Black-shouldered Spinyleg dragonfly at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Molting Indigo Bunting in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Calico Pennant dragonfly at Hills Pond in Perkins Township. (Tom Oliver)

Widow Skimmer dragonfly at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Doe running in field in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Doe eating clover in a field in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

A young Pied-Pilled Grebe, Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A young Hooded Merganser. Wilton (Jim Knox)

A little morning tenderness in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A Monarch shows off its colors. Wilton (Jim Knox)

It seems the better part of the day of late has been at dawn. Wilton (Jim Knox)

An impending storm during sunset/Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Scenic lake/ New Canada. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Fields of yellow (canola flowers)/ Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Turkey Vulture close-up, Farmington. (Steve Muise)

Immature Green Heron, Farmington. (Steve Muise)

Immature Green Heron fishing reflection, Farmington. (Steve Muise)

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  1. Thank you all again! Every time you do & I look at them all I Love everything you do. Thank you all very much. I love them all, Thank You.

    Sharon Maillet

  2. Awesome, everyone! Thank you for critters & scenery.

  3. Well done!

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I look forward to viewing them every week. The vibrant colors in the butterfly and the baby herrring were great. I enjoy wildlife and all maine has to offer.

  5. Very nice pictures. Local photographers are doing an amazing job. Interesting that there are so many unique dragonflies in the area. Something I must pay more attention to.

  6. Stunning photographs, thank you for sharing them.

  7. Awesome pictures to all.... the colors are just beautiful in the sky and land scenes!!