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The spring-ahead dance

SPRINGING AHEAD. Every spring, one or two squirrels do the spring-ahead dance, snow or not. This one was bouncing off of the trees and having a grand old time. (Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

Gray squirrel got the spring out of his steps and went directly to the snack bar where the flock of regulars, 13 turkeys, were having breakfast. (Jane Naliboff)


Red squirrel was cautiously avoiding the turkeys as he was springing up from his snow tunnel. (Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Naliboff)


Female cardinal in Wilton. (Dennis York)

This is a bluebird. (Jane Knox)

The fourth picture: A sparrow competing for her spot at the feeder. (Jane Knox)

Gold finches who stay around all winter getting back their bright coats. (Jane Knox)

Glad to see a friendly house wren at my feeder. (Jane Knox)

A titmouse gazing me with great curiosity. I returned the gaze! (Jane Knox)

The well insulated bee abode. (Jane Naliboff)

Springing ahead mourning dove. (Jane Naliboff)

In the night kitchen. (Jane Naliboff)

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." Robert Frost (JaneNaliboff)

It's time to SPRING ahead...set that clock ahead! Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Red sky in the it a warning?? More Snow? In Jay. ( Jim Knox )

Turkey vs suet. (Jane Naliboff)


A magnolia bud is ready for spring, but received pretty snowflakes instead. (Jane Naliboff)

Male goldfinches are regaining some of their summer color, but have retained their bossy food- ownership behavior. (Jane Naliboff)

(Jane Knox)

Someone waits for spring; a robin in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A piece of fruit from a Burning Bush, frozen in time. Wilton (Jim Knox)

Outlines. (Pat Blanchard)

An early morning photo, after our most recent storm in Kents Hill. Can you identify this sweet-smelling native flowering shrub, which is just coming into bloom in early March? (Marianne Heinrich-Perry)

Colorful turkey feathers. (Earl Williams)

Male cardinal and pussy willows in Wilton. (Dennis York)

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9 Responses »

  1. Wonderful pictures especially the clock.....great job as always!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love the turkey vs suet photo.

  3. Marianne, is it witch hazel? Jim, I love the lit clock & "frozen in time".

  4. Beautiful sunrise!!!

  5. The pictures are great....especially the tufted titmouse, the one bird that doesn't stay still long enough in my backyard for me to get a shot.

  6. Sorry but it is a House Finch not a a House Wren. Sorry for the slip.

  7. Jane Naliboff you have outdone yourself! Loving the squirrel pics but the raccoon is pretty great too! Thank you!

  8. Very cool pics as spring slowly arrives... Nice, Jim and all.......

  9. Squirrels are such amazing creatures. They can be a major source of entertainment