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The University of Maine at Farmington graduates 398

The Olsen Student Center parking lot was full Saturday morning as nearly 400 students graduated.

FARMINGTON - Graduates of the University of Maine at Farmington gathered today under blue skies to march their way out of their college years as UMF's 151st class. The wide range of character, accomplishments and aspirations among the 398 student body were highlighted by President Kate Foster during the commencement ceremony.

Foster reported that roughly 35 percent of the class majored in a field of education, with the most common throughout the entire class being Elementary Education.

A little less than half of the student body graduated with GPAs of 3.5 or higher, and the study abroad program saw a 50 percent increase over last year with 84 students participating at least once, if not more.

"You have gotten around," Foster said, as she went on to list the states and countries students have traveled to- Austria, Cuba, France, India and Tanzania to name just a few.

"At least two of you will be planning your own weddings having recently become engaged. Several of you will be parenting, one of you for a newborn. Others of you are taking a gap year to travel and experience nature and culture from Maine to points west and abroad to Italy, the Caribbean, and South America. Many of you will be writing or volunteering or woodworking, and many of you will be taking stock in the wake of your college career," Foster said.

There to support the young graduates were members of the university's class of 1967, celebrating their 50th anniversary, one of whom was there for her graduating grandson. Lucas Small chose UMF in part because of his grandmother, Judith Potter Smith, who graduated with an elementary education degree and went on to become principal of her school.

Lucas Small and his grandmother Judith Potter Smith, class of 1967 graduate, compare ID photos.

Despite years of change that UMF has seen, Smith said the feeling remains the same.

"It's that community feel. It's close knit. You know you can find your way around," she said.

Her grandson agreed, saying that aside from his grandma, the small-town vibe was the other reason he chose UMF.

The sense of community was apparent at the ceremony, as family, friends, professors and staff poured into the parking lot of the Olsen Student Center. Well-wishers lined High Street as the procession made their way to their seats. UMF students in their final years, or just starting out, cheered as their classmates were honored.

Graduate Nastasha Kordek, finishing strong.

"It's really bittersweet. Four years is a long time to be somewhere," Graduate Leanne Kugelman said before the ceremony.

Classmate Victoria LaCasse agreed.

"I think I would tell myself to not stress out so much. You'll get there." She said, when reflecting on what she would advise a younger version of herself.

Others chimed in, adding their own versions of the message to younger students.

"Everything will be fine," Divin Gatera said.

Representing the study body was graduating senior Zack Peercy. Peercy, an accomplished writer and theater studies major, remarked on the 'weird' side of UMF, noting how special that makes the college and its community.

"The closer you look at our hub of academia the more you start to notice various inconsistencies. Like pianos all over campus that are consistently being played, and consistently out of tune. Ghosts, that are more prominent on a campus tour than are most things related to art, music or theater. A president who sends emails every year that are absurdly eloquent just to address the foliage. And every morning, we wake up to an email about an internship fair that I'm pretty sure has been continuously happening for the last four years. Our time here has been absurd," he said.

Senior class speaker, Zack Peercy, goes off script for his final farewell.

Following Peercy was the ceremony's keynote speaker, Louis D. Sell, a retired Foreign Service officer.

Passionate about public service, Sell served under six U.S. presidents from 1971 to 1998, beginning with Richard Nixon. He spoke to the students about what it means to give back to your community, and the important role that education plays in the desire to volunteer.

"At the end of the day education and life itself will sometime astonish you," Sell said.

Sell was awarded with an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, along with Chris Coyne, tech innovator and designer from Maine.

"You have made our campus and community a better place. Now, graduates, you shall go forth and do the same in even larger measure wherever you land." Foster said.

The list of 2017 University of Maine at Farmington graduates includes:


Acton: Ryan Camire, B.A. Mathematics;

Albion: Matthew Rolfson, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Alfred: Carla Kelly, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Andover: Sumaya Hamdi, B.S. Environmental Science and Geology;

Anson: Courtney Frost, B.A. Psychology;

Arrowsic: Melissa Boulette, B.S. Community Health Education;

Arundel: Tori Lands, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies; Krysta Norris, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts;

Athens: Michalya Dorval, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies;

Auburn: Joshua Daigle, B.S. Bachelor of Education Studies; Nikki Hodgkins, B.A. English; Taylor Sawyer, B.S. Elementary Education; Tim Stokes, B.A. Art and English;

Augusta: Parker Chapin, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Taliesin Greaton, B.A. Computer Science; Dewey Hernandez, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Elicia Nickerson, B.S. Special Education; Laura Rivers, B.S. Special Education; Dylane Saylor, B.S. Special Education;

Bangor: Kayla Elliott, B.S. Elementary Education; Adam Hewins, B.F.A. Creative Writing;John McCullagh, B.S. Community Health Education;Rose Miller, B.A. Political Science;

Bath: Emily Franklin, B.A. Actuarial Science and Mathematics;Gretchen Parlin, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Belfast: Kaylee Pickering, B.A. Psychology;Ryan Rice, B.S. Community Health Education;

Berwick: Gabrielle Ganiere, B.A. Art;Zachary Sylvester, B.A. Computer Science; Alisa Tibbetts, B.S. Elementary Education;

Bethel: Ryan Kimball, B.S. Elementary Education;

Biddeford: Erica Letellier, B.S. Early Childhood Education;Shaun Sawyer, B.A. History;

Bingham: Mikaela Frigon, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Boothbay Harbor: Allison Carbone-Crocker, B.S. Elementary Education;

Bowdoin: Emily Eldridge, B.S. Elementary Education and Creative Writing;

Brewer: Linsay Brochu, B.S. Elementary Education;Molly Dalton, B.S. Early Childhood Education;Kassidy Giggey, B.A. Psychology;

Bridgton: Susan Shea, M.S. Master of Science in Education;Lucas Small, B.A. History;

Brooks: Sydney Ellis, B.S. Elementary Education;

Brunswick: Peter Doucette, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Environmental Policy/Planning; Zackary Lavoie, B.A. English;

Buckfield: Logan Nichols, B.S. Community Health Education;

Bucksport: Courtney Fish, B.A. Mathematics;

Burnham: Katherine Smedberg, B.A. Business Economics;

Buxton: Hannah Schlehuber-Johnson, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;Kristina Tobey, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Calais: Lindsey Daggett, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

Canaan: Nicolas Stringos, B.A. Actuarial Science and Mathematics;

Canton: Donald Hutchins IV, B.A. Individualized – Earth Science and Environmental Philosophy;

Cape Neddick: Andrea Beaulieu, B.A. Business Economics; Austin Phillips, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Rachel Yorke, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics;

Caribou: Tiffany Bishop, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English;

Chelsea: Kayla Flewelling, B.S. Elementary Education; Ean Rouillard, B.S. Community Health Education;

Chesterville: Lorrin Burnham, B.F.A. Creative Writing and B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Clinton: Kelley Cloutier, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Heather Cousins, B.S. Elementary Education; April King, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Concord Township: Jeremy Young, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Coopers Mills: Samuel Birch, B.A. Psychology;

Cornville: Hailey Atkinson, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Logan Wiseman, B.A. Psychology;

Cumberland Center: Constantine Pollak, B.S. Secondary Education - English; Hannah Somes, B.S. Elementary Education;

Cushing: Kennadi Grover, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Damariscotta: Shania Creamer, B.S. Elementary Education;

Dexter: Gabrielle Adam, B.S. Community Health Education; Darci Perkins, B.S. Elementary Education; Konner Wilson, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

Dixfield: Nicholas Davenport, B.A. Psychology; Taron Mazza, B.A. Business Economics; Summer McCollough, B.A. Psychology; Miranda Shurtleff, B.S. Community Health Education; Chad Snowman, B.S. Community Health Education;

Dover-Foxcroft: Anna Hansen, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Dyer Brook: Kristen Tarr, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

East Wilton: JoAnn Meyer, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Edgecomb: Shaylee Sibley, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Eliot: Matthew Scremin, B.A. Mathematics;

Embden: Tucker Atwood, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Tiffany Frost, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Elisa Sousa, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Fairfield: Isabelle Bailey, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Hannah Tompkins, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Farmingdale: Kaitlin Hayden, B.S. Special Education;

Farmington: Alexandra Baxter, B.A. Psychology; Drew Blanchet, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Love Call, B.A. English; Amy Clark, B.A. Psychology; David Deprey, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Philosophy/Religion; Brock DeRaps, B.A. Business Economics; Randelle Dyke, B.A. Psychology; Mariah Haggan, B.A. English; Lance Harvell, B.A. History and Political Science; Rhiannan Jackson, B.S. Community Health Education; Brittany Jones, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education; Jayram Keshavan, B.A. Computer Science; Stephanie LaFreniere, B.F.A. Creative Writing and English; Anna LeClair, B.A. Mathematics; Shannon Lee, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Cashel Lisse, B.F.A. Creative Writing; Joseph Lockett, B.A. Psychology; Charles Martin, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Business Psychology; Terri Mayo, B.S. Bachelor of General Studies; Ronie Morales, B.S. Community Health Education; Faith Norton, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Stephanie Pasciuti, B.A. Psychology; Nicholas Soha-Girardin, B.A. Business Economics; Alyssa Tironati, B.S. Environmental Science; Trevor Whitney, B.A. Psychology; Samuel Bennett, B.F.A. Creative Writing and Biology;

Friendship: Kristen Simmons, B.S. Secondary Education - English;

Gardiner: Andrianna Ammarell, B.S. Special Education;Christopher Wren, B.A. Computer Science;

Gorham: Celeste Carpenter, B.A. International & Global Studies;Marissa Hutchins, B.S. Elementary Education;Gorham: Jennifer Pinkelman, B.S. Elementary Education; Patricia Smith, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration and International & Global Studies;

Gray: Devin Gilman, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies; Matthew Lulofs, B.A. Geology; Meagan O'Reilly, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Business Psychology; Brooke Royal, B.A. Political Science;

Hallowell: Haley Jaramillo, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Environmental Policy/Planning;

Hampden: Kimberly Biddlecom, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English; Samuel Good, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies;

Harpswell: Katelyn Beedy, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Hartford: Rachel Caron, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Hartland: Dylan Sinclair, B.A. Political Science;

Hermon: Ranae Carlson, B.S. Elementary Education;

Industry: Bradford Lopes, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Jay: Zachary Bonnevie, B.S. Community Health Education; Mickenzy Breton, B.A. Political Science; Sean Dunlop, B.A. Mathematics; Hayley Fortier, B.A. Psychology; Victoria LaCasse, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Dorine Wright, B.A. Psychology;

Jefferson: Samantha Crawford Mills, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Bridget Humphrey, B.S. Elementary Education;

Kingfield: Holland Corson, B.A. English;

Kittery: Karly Coleman, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies;

Kittery Point: Gavin Frisbee, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Lebanon: Sarah Avery, B.S. Community Health Education; Alaina Shorey, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Leeds: Danica Jackman, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Lewiston: Sadie Beaudin, B.S. Elementary Education;Divin Gatera, B.A. Business Economics; Casey Griffin, B.S. Elementary Education; Delaney Paterson, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Health Information Systems; Rubymae Scribner, B.A. Psychology;

Lexington Twp: Jocelia Pease, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Sociology/Anthropology;

Lincoln: Ciara Tolman, B.S. Elementary Education;

Lincolnville: Nastasha Kordek, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Lisbon Falls: Minarva Craig, B.S. Community Health Education;

Litchfield: Morgan Clark, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Livermore: Benjamin Keene, B.A. Business Economics; Linda Pool, B.A. Interdsciplinary: Culture, Meaning and Society;

Livermore Falls: Brianna Beaupre, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Rachel Goding, B.A. History; Beth Labbe, B.A. Individualized – Psychology and Sociology of Criminal Justice in U.S. and Honduras; Courtney Schools, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Rheanna Woodford, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Madison: Alexis Lanctot, B.A. Psychology;

Manchester: Nicole Smith, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Mechanic Falls: Taylor Wood, B.A. Actuarial Science;

Medway: Aaron Beaumont, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Mexico: Cody Smith, B.A. Geology; Christa Vattes, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Milford: Shawna Rustin, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Millinocket: Thomas Fiske, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies; Kristen Manzo, B.S. Elementary Education; Emily Wark, B.S. Elementary Education;

Monmouth: Abigail Parkinson, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Nykki Stevens, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Montville: Larissa Hannan, B.S. Community Health Education;

Naples: Erin Levasseur, B.S. Elementary Education;Travis St. Pierre, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

New Sweden: Jubilee MacLeod, B.A. Psychology and Culture, Meaning and Society;

New Vineyard: Erica Baxter, B.A. Biology;

Norridgewock: Stephanie Jillings, B.S. Elementary Education; Justin Power, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

North Berwick: Courtney Eastman, B.S. Elementary Education;

North Bridgton: Leanne Kugelman, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

North Waterboro: Peter McCoy, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Business Psychology;

North Windham: Connor Wagner, B.A. History;

Northport: Brianna Flagg, B.S. Elementary Education;

Norway: Dylan Hadley, B.A. Psychology;

Oakland: Lindsay Bourgoin, B.S. Community Health Education; Harley Davis, B.S. Elementary Education; Audrey Flynn, B.S. Community Health Education; Derek Guerrette, B.A. Psychology; Marina Stanton, B.A. Psychology;

Old Orchard Beach: Emily Dustin, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Orono: Lukas Kenison, B.A. Psychology;

Owls Head: Danielle Bedard, B.S. Elementary Education;

Peaks Island: Hannah Carlson, B.S. Elementary Education;

Peru: Jessica Lyons McMichael, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Spencer Trenoweth, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Pittsfield: Courtney Fowler, B.A. Business Economics; Gabrielle LaGross, B.A. Psychology;

Poland: Matthew Principe III, B.S. Elementary Education; Jacob Vining, B.S. Secondary Education - Chemistry; Corey Wallace, B.A. Art;

Portland: Sarah Allen, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Katherine Chandler, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Melissa McCrillis, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Emily Murray, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Namuhoza Namajana, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Samantha Regios, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies; Sarah Ringer, B.S. Elementary Education;

Prentiss Twp: Shannon Knight, B.A. Psychology;

Presque Isle: Keith Clark, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Kayla Girardin, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics;

Prospect: Madison Porter, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Randolph: Samuel Cobb, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts;

Readfield: Benjamin Rodriguez, B.A. History; Tristan Stockford, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Katherine Wicks, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Rockport: Julia Lent, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Roxbury: Emily Knapp, B.S. Community Health Education;

Rumford: Heidi Brennick, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Nathaniel Carey, B.A. Psychology; Larissa Wing, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Sabattus: Samuel Morin, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Saco: Anna Dowling, B.S. Elementary Education; James Grover, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Mary Maxfield, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Sanford: James Chaisson, B.A. Business Economics; Ethan Gouin, B.S. Elementary Education; Sarah Gould, B.A. International & Global Studies; Abbott MacKay, B.A. International & Global Studies; Morgan Nichols, B.S. Community Health Education; Michelle Roy, B.S. Special Education;

Scarborough: Courtney Alofs, B.A. Political Science; Leah Brown, B.S. Community Health Education; Caitlyn Connolly, B.S. Elementary Education; Kathleen Little, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Mackenzie Marles, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Searsport: Laura Dickey, B.A. Art;

Sidney: Lindsey Bickford, M.S. Master of Science in Education; William Eaton, B.A. History; Jasmine Estes, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Chelsey Oliver, B.S. Secondary Education - Mathematics; Shawna Oliver, B.S. Elementary Education;

Skowhegan: Henry Ametti, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies; Kristen Bisson, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Trevor Hisler, B.S. Community Health Education; Luke Quirion, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies; Katherine Richards, B.S. Elementary Education;

Smyrna Mills: Matthew McCluskey, B.S. Elementary Education;

South Berwick: Nickolas Bray, B.S. Environmental Science;

South Bristol: Jordan Plummer, B.S. Elementary Education;

South Gardiner: Willa Barron, B.S. Elementary Education;

South Paris: Jordan Croteau, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Alexis Kennedy, B.A. Psychology;

South Portland: Emily Gray, B.S. Secondary Education - Earth & Space Science; Abigail Hasson, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies; Spencer Lloyd-Rees, B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies;

South Thomaston: Emmaline Waldron, B.A. International & Global Studies;

Springvale: Jamie Austin, B.A. Political Science; Megan Daudelin, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Standish: Zachariah Edwards, B.A. Biology;

Starks: Isaac LaCasse, B.S. Special Education;

Sumner: Jessica Black, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Temple: Carolina LaCourse, B.S. Community Health Education;

Thomaston: Jennifer Denault, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Amber Webber, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Sociology/Anthropology;

Topsham: Danielle Blair, B.A. Individualized – Social, Cultural and Political Aspects of Rehabilitation; Jordan Daigle, B.A. Business Economics;

Turner: Abigail Chase, B.S. Elementary Education; Mac Swanson, B.A. Business Economics; Amanda Wise, B.A. International & Global Studies;

Union: Janelle Noonan, B.A. Psychology and English;

Vassalboro: Brianna Benevento, B.A. Mathematics;

Veazie: Bethany Bilodeau, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Vienna: Cheryl Walker, M.S. Master of Science in Education;

Waldoboro: Maria Newcomb, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Vincent Vannah, B.S. Elementary Education;

Walpole: Karie Carrothers, B.S. Special Education;

Warren: McKenzie Belcher, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Washburn: Rayah Saucier, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Waterford: Lindsay Toothaker, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Waterville: Molly Brown, B.S. Early Childhood Education; Emily Cote, B.S. Secondary Education - English; Myles Madore, B.A. History;

Wells: Cooper Lavigne, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies; Emily Lewia, B.S. Elementary Education; Kayla Meissner, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Alex Tomaszewski, B.A. Business Economics;

West Bethel: Kurt Mason, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English;

West Boothbay Harbor: Jessica Murray, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

West Farmington: Emily Barney, B.A. Psychology;

West Gardiner: Haley Tomberlin, B.S. Elementary Education;

West Newfield: Maria Noyola, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Westbrook: Katie Clark, B.S. Elementary Education; Nicole Gagnon-Arsenault, M.S. Master of Science in Education; Gunnar Heckler, B.A. Political Science; Shannon Mahoney, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Whitefield: Katherine Newcombe, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English;

Wilton: Tyler Eustis, B.A. Computer Science; Jessica Griswold, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Nicholas Hilton, B.A. Business Economics; Sarah Jacques, B.A. Psychology;

Windham: Madeline Boyes, B.S. Secondary Education – English and English; Hannah Forbush, B.A. Psychology; Marissa LaGassey, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics; Thomas McGowan, B.A. Business Economics; Hannah Shirley, B.A. Psychology;

Winslow: Stephanie Michaud, B.A. Psychology;

Winterport: Matthew Wilbanks, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Business Psychology;

Winthrop: Brigid Chapin, B.A. English; Deirdre Dosedlo, B.S. Special Education; Houdji Hillary Gnidehoue, B.A. Business Economics; Rayanna Howard, B.A. Psychology; Paul Simoneau, B.A. Geology; Tyler Stockford, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Wiscasset: Kelsie Gagnon, B.S. Elementary Education; Michaela Thibeault, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Woodville: Samantha Cote, B.A. Visual and Performing Arts; Ashley Jandreau, B.A. Individualized – Health Sciences;

Yarmouth: Haley Estabrook, B.S. Elementary Education; Kate Myers, B.S. Elementary Education; Emma Pidden, B.F.A. Creative Writing.


Avon: Sabrina LoPizzo, B.S. Community Health Education;

Bridgeport: Raymond Swaby, B.S. Community Health Education;

Bristol: Olivia Cyr, B.F.A. Creative Writing and English;

Ellington: Bethany Parisi, B.S. Community Health Education;

Fairfield: Carly Georgen, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Manchester: Catherine Dennis, B.S. Elementary Education;

New Fairfield: Anna Lindquist, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

North Stonington: Taylor Beattie, B.S. Special Education;

Waterbury: Jonae Hill, B.A. Psychology;

West Hartford: Shavon Gordon, B.S. Community Health Education.


Acton: Heather King, B.S. Elementary Education;

Amesbury: Mena Boyah, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Environmental Policy/Planning;

Cambridge: Liya Mindaye, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Feeding Hills: Amber Duffus, B.F.A. Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary: Culture, Meaning and Society;

Gloucester: Jacquelyn Rose, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Environmental Policy/Planning;

Harwich: Justin Fisette, B.S. Secondary Education - English;

Jefferson: Catherine Dufault, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Environmental Policy/Planning;

Lakeville: Danielle Conway, B.A. Mathematics; Craig Gajewski, B.A. Biology;

Lowell: Kabagambe Jjangu, B.A. Health Information Systems and Community Health Education;

Natick: Conor Doherty, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

Norwell: Kathleen Joseph, B.S. Secondary Education - Social Studies;

Quincy: Bethany Routier, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Shirley: David-Tristan Cynewski, B.A. Art;

Shrewsbury: Megan Broderick, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Somerset: Cassie Scott, B.A. History;

South Grafton: Katrina Teixeira, B.S. Elementary Education;

Templeton: Brittany Wheeler, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

West Springfield: Nikki Murphy, B.S. Community Health Education;

Whitinsville: Erin Taylor, B.S. Rehabilitation Services.


Bow: Jaclyn Langevin, B.S. Community Health Education;

Center Conway: Jennifer Perry, B.S. Elementary Education;

Epsom: Karyn Veinotte, B.S. Early Childhood Education;

Farmington: Louise Villemont, B.A. Psychology;

Hampstead: Matthew Hernandez, B.S. Rehabilitation Services; Brittney Sieg, B.S. Rehabilitation Services and Psychology;

Hampton: Carissa Porcaro, B.S. Rehabilitation Services;

Holderness: Brett Hofland, B.A. Mathematics and Geology;

Jaffrey: Natalie McLaughlin, B.S. Elementary Education;

Loudon: Rachael Howell, B.S. Secondary Education – Mathematics and Mathematics;

Milford: Genevieve Benoit, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Nashua: Julia Fletcher, B.F.A. Creative Writing;

Plaistow: Sarah Boisselle, B.S. Secondary Education - English;

Rochester: Mark Leahy, B.A. Psychology;

Tamworth: Melissa Gerard, B.A. Interdisciplinary: Business Psychology;

Warner: Katharine Stasalovich, B.S. Community Health Education.


Portsmouth: Alison Hamilton, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

Northfield: Joseph Needle, B.A. History;

Thetford Center: Maggie Pomeroy, B.S. Community Health Education;

Warren: William Robinson, B.S. Early Childhood Special Education;

White River Junction: Brittany Bissell, B.A. Biology.


Wahiawa: Katelyn Richards, B.A. Psychology.


Middle River: Jordan Horrocks, B.A. Biology.


Orange: Casiandra Barton, B.S. Community Health Education.


Central Square: Ashley Lapoint, B.A. Outdoor Recreation Business Administration;

La Fayette: Ashley Skinner, B.A. Psychology.


Clarks Summit: Faith Purdy, B.A. Biology;

Scranton: Zackary Peercy, B.F.A. Creative Writing and Individualized – Theatre: Writing and Performance.

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  1. Good luck, young folks. I wish you well. Thanks for gracing our community for these years.