Franklin Countys First News

Tired of the snow

Papa Cardinal enjoying the sunshine. (Joe Hall/Farmington)

Squirreling away another snack! (Joe Hall/Farmington)

Mrs. Cardinal looking for spring. (Joe Hall/Farmington)

When the moon is higher in the sky it turns a gray/white in color. (Jim Dwinal/Farmington)

The Sandy River Farm in Farmington with the Super Moon in the background. (Jim Dwinal/Farmington)

The Super Moon ( called The Worm Moon ) because of the time of year for this Super Moon. The ground is thawing and worms will be showing up on the surface of the ground soon. This is the last Super Moon for the year. When the moon first came up and it was yellow/ orange in color. (Jim Dwinal/Farmington)

Sneaking a peek. (Dennis York)

Looking for anything green. (Dennis York)

Tired of the snow. (Dennis York)

Whitewater Whitetail. (Dennis York)

Whitetail walking the road. (Dennis York)

Speed dating Squirrels. (Dennis York)

Enjoying the spring sunshine. (Dennis York)

Watch that 1st step! (Dennis York)

This barred owl has made regular visits lately, looking for something to
eat. (Don Waterhouse)

Two Bohemian Waxwing Birds having a little disagreement , Wilton. (Jim Knox)

Suddenly a little gray in the snow. A gray fox in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

This little guy thought he'd show off his little prize so he walked around with it for awhile...a young deer with a slice of apple! Weld. (Jim Knox)

MUD, UGH. Maine's favorite season! You need hip high boots! (Jane Knox)

One of Maine's trade mark: a beautiful red barn out from winter. (Jane Knox)

Dead of winter right into a spring field. (Jane Knox)

A Maine fence can withstand thee cruelest winter! (Jane Knox)

What we've all waited for: MUD SEASON! (Jane Knox)

Spring turns nature upside down! (Jane Knox)

At last bare ground for me to scrounge up some morsel! (Jane Knox)

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12 Responses »

  1. The pictures were awesome as usual. I see some baby squirrels in the future........

  2. In Dennis York's photo captioned "Looking for anything green," who is that little tiny man among the brush?

  3. Doin it ‘squirrelly style’, porn for all ages......yet many of my political comments are considered in poor taste and don’t get printed. Oh well, whatever floats your goat, you da’ boss!

  4. Just saying, I love the speed dating pic. Not what we called it in my earlier days.
    As always all the pics are grand, thanks

  5. The moon over Sandy River Farm is spectacular. The drive from Farmington to New Sharon when the moon is full and coming up has so many fantastic views. Always look forward to all the great pictures on Sunday.

  6. New bird photographer on board? Welcome! Great waxwing photo, (Jim?)!

  7. Nothing but God's beauty.

  8. Critter and bird pics even better than the usual ones, which were great enough! Spring birds to be arriving soon.

  9. Great catch of the Barred Owl
    I would like a Barred Owl to come visit me at our house.

  10. The waxwings are gorgeous Jim!! Great shot :)

  11. Great pics of our little squirt! Thanks Dennis. Sue and Gary

  12. Janine, I see what you mean, but it a broken off stick if you zoom in.
    Awesome pictures as usual. Thank You!