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Top CTE student doing it all

Lexi Daggett is Foster Tech Center's Student of the Year.

FARMINGTON - In a school packed with busy, busy people, Lexi Daggett stands out.

Composites manufacturing, plumbing program, business education student and bank teller at Franklin Savings Bank's in-school branch. Member of 4-H, shows steers at shows and works at Robin's Flower Pot, a greenhouse and nursery ("Anything outdoors," Daggett says). Coaches Rec League soccer, was a captain on Mt. Blue's soccer team. National Honors Society and latest Student of the Month for the campus. Serves on her town's Planning Board.

Daggett, a New Vineyard resident, is 18 years old.

"I'm not afraid to ask questions," Daggett said, when asked what the secret to her productivity was. "How else are you supposed to learn?"

The Foster Career and Technical Education Center nominates a Student of the Year annually; the awardees from each CTE center gather for a ceremony at the end of April. Daggett, the daughter of Sonny and Diane Daggett of New Vineyard, was Foster Tech Center's Student of the Year for 2017.

"She's a great kid all around," Director Melissa Williams said. "She's a great representative of the tech center and a real leader. We're lucky to have her."

To take three different programs at the Foster Tech Center was not typical, Williams said. "Lexi [Daggett] is definitely not in the normal range," Williams said.

Daggett, for her part, calls the Foster Tech Center "a definite advantage" for local-area students. The only girl in her Composites class, Daggett became interested after seeing a composite material turtle shell and decided to make her own. From there, she moved into the Plumbing program, where she was once again the only girl. Her interest in plumbing relates to her prospective career choice of working in a fish hatchery - she plans to attend the Inland Fisheries program at the University of Maine at Machias after Foster Tech.

Daggett said she got her love of the outdoors from her family, adding that she was drawn to "anything my dad does."

In the bottom row, left to right, is Elizabeth Burke, Kasadie Barker, Megan Sorel, Nick Hargreaves and Sage Hathaway. In the middle row, left to right, is Ryan Begin, Evan Dorr, Reed Wells, Nick Foy, Justin Mathieu and Natasha Essman. In the top row, left to right is Kurt Chapman, Jozef Short, Joe Crandall, Robert Ladd and Alexia Flannery. Absent from photo is Aislynn Provencher (Business Enterprise), Richard King (Commercial Driver CDL)​

In addition to Daggett, Foster Tech Center honored top students from each of its Blue Day programs Friday. Top students include:

Elizabeth Burke in the Biotechnology program, Kasadie Barker in the Early Childhood program, Megan Sorel in the Nursing Assistant program, Nick Hargreaves in the Metal Fabrication program, Sage Hathaway, Ryan Begin in the Automotive Tech II program, Evan Dorr in the Firefighter program, Reed Wells in the Composites program, Nick Foy in the Culinary program, Justin Mathieu in the Plumbing program, Natasha Essman in the Business Education for Medical Careers program, Kurt Chapman in the Commercial Arts program, Jozef Short in the Building Construction program, Joe Crandall in the Computer Tech program, Robert Ladd in the Forestry program, Alexia Flannery in the Digital Media program, Aislynn Provencher in the Business Enterprise program and Richard Kingin the Commercial Driver CDL program.​

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  1. Lexi Dagget, a great example of girl power!

  2. Lexie is a fantastic person, and we enjoy having her work with us.

  3. In addition to the impressive list of Lexi's activities noted above, she has also been a long time volunteer for the New Vineyard Public Library. Lexi has cheerfully waited on tables at our Cabin Fever Suppers, she's planned and helped with children's programming, and she was there to lug box after box when we moved into our new space a few years ago. It's wonderful to see her receive this well-earned recognition.....Congratulations, Lex....You make us proud!!!

  4. Congratulations Lexi - a well deserved honor!

  5. Congrats Lexi....we had the privilege to volunteer with Lexi at Titcomb teaching little ones to ski!!! Way to go Lexi!!!

  6. Great job Lexi!!! Congratulations!

  7. Awesome! A great role model, I hope other young folks will take notice.

  8. Congrats Lexi! I'm very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Thanks for being a terrific math student.

  9. Way to go Lexi!