Franklin Countys First News

Tracking fall in western Maine

Lemon Stream, which leads out of New Vineyard and into the Sandy River. (Photo by Scott Landry)

Tracking Fall in Readfield. (Jane Naliboff)

Torsey Pond, Kents Hill. (Jane Naliboff)

Parker Pond's female loon chick, I've only seen one, looking very healthy and strong, continues to be watched by her parents. She has no idea of course that in about 6 weeks she'll be left alone to figure out how to fly, feed herself, and find her way to the coast. And no GPS to guide her. (Jane Naliboff)

Surrounded by fall color, a sunrise kayaker on Taylor Pond listens to the roar of the lions from DEW in Mt. Vernon. (Jane Naliboff)

A female loon shows the beginning of molting on her face. All loons lose their beautiful black and white breeding plumage and return to gray plumage for the long winter in Penobscot Bay. That sounds so uninviting. (Jane Naliboff)

A little grooming is a loon necessity. (Jane Naliboff)

Eagle over my head in West Mt. Vernon. (Jane Naliboff)

The cormorants were up with the sun checking out their expansive Parker Pond property. (Jane Naliboff)

There's no lack of color around small ponds and bogs, especially this one in Manchester. (Jane Naliboff)

Taylor Pond is bursting with bright fall colors. (Jane Naliboff)

A speck of an insect sitting on wild grass appears not to have noticed Miss Spider's waiting trap. (Jane Naliboff)

Fall deepens with its bright colors. (Jim Knox )

Mum plants; always a go to for a fall plant. (Jim Knox)

A green heron in Wilton. (Jim Knox)

A porcupine in field in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Hermit Thrush at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton (Tom Oliver)

A tussock moth caterpillar in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Painted Lady butterfly in Wilton (Tom Oliver)

A Swamp Sparrow at the head of Wilson Lake in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)

Pumpkin galore (Jane Knox)

Brilliant foliage reflections. (Jane Knox)

Red maples set the landscape ablaze but since they are considered
evasive you can no longer for sale at many pant nurseries. (Jane Knox)

In just four days Rangeley mountains are ablaze. (Jane Knox)

Fall foliage is near peak in Aroostook County! Here is roadside foliage near Caribou. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

October's colors in Presque Isle (Jennifer Ellsworth)

Another shot from the Presque Isle region. (Jennifer Ellsworth)

A happy sumac in New Sharon. (Elizabeth (Stu) Mehlin)

Don't forget to look up in Industry. (Terry Ziolkowski)

Vivid yellow in Industry. (Terry Ziolkowski)

A reflection of red fall leaves on the Lemon Stream. (Terry Ziolkowski)

Sunrise from Emerald Isle, N.C. (Evan McIntire)

I have a thing for bees ... and borage. (Deelight Zitzelberger)

Last hurrah for bees and buds. (Pat Blanchard)

Nature's Reflection. (Earl Williams)

Bigelow Mountain in the Bigelow Preserve (Anna Howton)

Sunrise on Flagstaff Lake

Poplar Stream Falls, Carabassett Valley (Anna Howton)

A turkey vulture (Heidi Jean Marshall)

Sunset at Porter Lake. (Heidi Jean Marshall)

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  1. WOW !!! Terrific photos --

  2. Thanks again for all the amazingly colorful pictures. Love the Porcupine, adorable.

  3. Very beautiful pictures, kudos to everyone.

  4. Nature in all its splendor.

  5. Absolutely stunning pictures this week, Thanks to all..

  6. Awesome fall colors and from many places. Thank you all for these pictures

  7. I have fun showing off these pictures here in Ukraine. Plenty of mountains here but few maples. People find the colors amazing!

  8. Thank you!!! The pictures are magnificent and remind me of how wonderful Maine (and some other places) are.

  9. Great cloud formation, Anna.

  10. Great pictures everyone, thanks for sharing.

  11. Awesome pictures from everyone, thanks for sharing.