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Two Farmington residents arrested for alleged methamphetamine production

The Farmington Police Department responded to a possible drug overdose on the Knowlton Corner Road early Wednesday morning.

FARMINGTON - Both Farmington and Wilton Police Departments responded to a call of a possible drug overdose early on the morning of May 15. The call came in around 1 a.m. from the Knowlton Corner Road.

According to a report from the Farmington Police Department, upon arrival a male victim was given Narcan and transported to Franklin Memorial Hospital by NorthStar Ambulance. Upon further notice, officers allegedly discovered evidence of methamphetamine production and contacted the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

More evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing was allegedly discovered by the MDEA Clandestine Lab Team and was removed by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Farmington residents Douglas Theriault (37) and Katherine Theriault (28) were arrested for Aggravated Unlawful Operation of a Methamphetamine Laboratory (Class A) and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (Class D). They were transported to the Franklin County Jail.

There were three children, age 7, 3, and 1, present during this incident. With the help of the Department of Health and Human Services, the children were placed with a family member.

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  1. Hopefully they all get the help they need and those poor children get the parents they deserve. Great job to law enforcement and Northstar. Makes me sick the children have to bear the brunt of their parents stupidity not to mention putting the kids at risk of God knows what.

  2. And who paid for the Narcan??? Like people who have diabetes who have to pay for the insulin before they get a dose. Are we checking with people who OD prior to giving Narcan if their insurance will cover it! I think not....

  3. Amazing that people do this crap with their small children in the house.

  4. "There were three children, age 7, 3, and 1, present during this incident." That's the saddest part of this story.

  5. How come we don't have pictures of these people????? I think we should be fair as to what is posted on here!! I've seen pictures on here for something far less serious than this! Come on people let's play fair!!

  6. Yes Daniel - should show pictures of the folks should share where they work etc... should call their employer too

  7. Picture is in the today.
    It’s not a very proud looking picture, it’s very sad.
    Sad that 2 adults just changed the life of there children for
    Ever! But was the change for the better or for the worst?

  8. When does the "Three Strikes Your Out" rule pertain to situations like this?
    Are we already subsidizing this family with DHHS money?

  9. I'm curious, is there such a thing as "LAWFUL" Operation of a Methamphetamine Laboratory (Class A) "?

  10. Why not 3 charges of endangering the welfare of a child??

  11. What did you think was going to happen when you bring a drug rehab facility into this area. Surprise drug addict show up.

  12. Curious question
    May 16, 2019 • 7:25 am
    I'm curious, is there such a thing as "LAWFUL" Operation of a Methamphetamine Laboratory (Class A) "?

    Yes, they call it adderall and only big pharma gets to make it.

  13. Makes me sick to see people "addicted" to this poison.
    Drug and Alcohol Addiction puts families thru so much hell.
    I remember the old 70s song "GD the Pusher"..
    Trouble is now the pushers get a pass.
    Give them another drug to get off the first drug. Insanity.
    So many people who are living life never in their right mind..
    Except for the Grace of God,,, that would still be me.
    So thankful I'm free.
    Prayers for this situation.

  14. Pire- Awesome reply- read my mind.

  15. Here's where the unfair practices of this state come in. Megan is right. Insulin has to be paid for to keep someone alive. But Narcan comes FREE??
    If I break a leg, go to the hospital, and because I own something, the hospital can attach it if I don't pay.
    It's called a Writ of Execution. See them all the time. But if someone doesn't own anything, but gets Narcan, why can't THEIR income - whatever it is - be attached? Or their ownership of real estate or vehicles etc?
    Nope...scott free.
    Neither of these folks should ever get one cent in any form of welfare. If their kids are with responsible folks, then THOSE folks should get help, but nothing for the parents.

  16. Crystal Meth and Adderall ARE NOT the same. They are in a similar class of stimulants/ amphetamines. Adderall is a combination of amphetanine and dextroamphetamine. Crystal meth is methamphetamine has an extra "methyl group" . As with lots of chemistry things, that extra methyl group has a big impact and is what makes it significant more potent, addictive, and dangerous than Adderall. Adderall has to be taken in much higher quantities ( not as prescribed) to produce similar intoxication/addiction and danger. People do also abuse Adderall prescriptions.

    I'd also point out that the reason Rx drugs are Rx drugs intended to be supervised by MD's is because they aren't safe to let johnny come lately decide to take willy nilly!

    Another extremely important element of the Crystal Meth problem vs. patients prescribed Adderall under MD supervision is the : effect upon fetus en utero. Crystal Meth causes well documented and terrible birth defects in babies exposed in the mothers womb! And it's because of the extra methyl group causing it to cross the blood brain barrier so very easily!!!

    To call Crystal Meth the Same as Adderall is like saying humans and mice are the same because they share 98% the same DNA!

    Some small things count in disproportionately large amounts!

    The moral of the Meth addict story is---- everyone, really, Meth is no recreational drug like pot or alcohol--or even MDMA. Meth can harm a users body and brain in irreversible ways very quickly. It can cause very serious birth defects also very quickly. If you, your friends/ family have a addiction the crystal Meth---please seek out help. Ask for help. Look up online resources. Reach out to local healthcare providers or even law enforcement and let them know you need help. We know just how evil a grip this junk get's on people and how much help/ pulling a person needs to break free of it. Don't brew this junk up to survive---ask for help! There are people who will respect that and want to help you!

  17. "BREAKING BAD".....It doesn't end well for any involved!!