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Two men arrested on aggravated assault charges after early-morning altercation

Eric Eaton (Photo by Franklin County Detention Center)

KINGFIELD - An altercation that allegedly involved a local resident and three snowmobilers early Wednesday morning resulted in felony criminal charges against two Kingfield residents.

According to Sheriff Scott Nichols, Eric Eaton, 22, and Matthew Ross, 20, both of Kingfield, were arrested on charges of aggravated assault, a Class B felony, Wednesday evening. The charges stem from an incident that is alleged to have occurred earlier that morning on the West Kingfield Road.

At approximately 3:08 a.m. Wednesday, Deputy Andrew Morgan responded to a reported assault in Kingfield, traveling to Trestle Avenue. Once there, the deputy was told by the complainant that he and his child had been woken up by three men riding snowmobiles in the field behind his house. The man said that he confronted the snowmobilers and tried to yell at them to ask them to stop, but the men reportedly continued to ride in the field and then left, traveling towards a residence on the West Kingfield road.

Matthew Ross (Photo by Franklin County Detention Center)

The complainant got into his vehicle with his child and traveled to the residence on the West Kingfield, reportedly to ask the snowmobilers to cease their activity in the early-morning hours. After words were exchanged, a fight allegedly ensued involving two of the snowmobilers and the complainant.

First responders were dispatched to the complainant's residence to provide medical care. He refused to be transported; however, he later drove himself to Franklin Memorial Hospital due to injuries allegedly sustained in the fight.

Morgan later arrested two of the three snowmobilers: Eaton and Ross at 5:38 p.m. and 6:58 p.m., respectively. The third snowmobiler was not charged.

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  1. Personally I would not have driven across town at 3AM with my child in the car to have my head beat in by a couple of obvious knuckleheads. Next time save yourself some stitches and call the police. Something tells me they may be a little better equipped to deals with these types??

  2. Let's make this clear they are not snowmobilers are unregistered beaters and were not on a trail system.

  3. When does the right of the knucklehead snowmobile clown or ATV bozo outweigh the taxpayer trying to live in peace? People that own property need protection from these off road idiots and the seat warmers in Augusta don’t get it.

  4. Peter, that is what James Boyce was referring to. We have a great trail system here in our town well managed by our Dedicated Trail Guru , Mr Boyce. He goes above and beyond to not only maintain the trails, but maintain the good will between the club, the land owners who host the trails, and the many riders over the season. All it takes is for people like these 2 who for PC purposes allegedly were riding their sleds on very little snow at 3 in the morning... That indeed could have angered a hosting land owner ... Actions like this not only impact fun, but impact an industry in our towns. Never mind the alleged assault . None of us were there, but 2 on 1? All I can say is wow. and that is dripping with sarcasm to the 2 facing felony charges. Just what were you "men" thinking. And the law says you are old enough to be called men. You aren't kids.

  5. Francis, I’ve experienced all manner of motorized fools in the woods. All across our state, the fire rescue squads and EMS crews get called out to evacuate the injured off road types. Who pays for these services? Most disturbing is when these folks allow their kids to endlessly run around their house or or property. It creates a very contentious relationship with ones neighbors, one that usually doesn’t end well. I also see the attitude these guys project, they don’t care what you think or want. These aren’t cross country skiers or hiker types. Rather they are about the noise and the disturbance they create. Spare me the joys and benefits of ATVs and snowmobiles unless you are willing to police the clowns from away and Maine that are making life tough for people that are tired of hearing it. Merry Christmas.

  6. These guys do not represent the snowmobile industry in any way so people should not put them in the "snowmobile group" or it seems in any other group that may require common sense and decency.

  7. Peter, do your research before you go spouting such nonsense. Hikers cost as much in search and rescue while contributing less to the economy. I believe there are noise ordinances in several towns/cities in southern Maine, which is really the most beautiful part of Maine. Just saying.

  8. @amanda..."southern Maine, which is really the most beautiful part of Maine". Really?

  9. It's pretty simple kids, keep your noisy little toys off peoples back lawns and stay on marked/legal trails. If not the adults (landowners) will close the trails and take away your privilege to play. Just saying.

  10. My bet it was alcohol fueled. Alcohol does a lot to make you feel tougher than you actually are.
    And why are these "men" tooling around at 3am on sleds? Have some respect for your neighbors.

  11. Southern Maine is the most beautiful part? Please. Assume you are not from Maine or dry well traveled in the state.

  12. Let’s face it. If you were not born in Maine you are from away.

  13. And what is it about snowmobiling that makes drivers think it’s ok to get all likkered up and and go out and tear around somebody’s field? I just don’t get it.

  14. Snowmobiles that will go 125 mph out of the box and 4-wheelers with tires that will tear up your property with one pass. Come on folks if you have anything in common with thomas paine now is the time.

  15. @Ron Calef, born and raised in Franklin County, just like many generations before me and hopefully many to follow, if we don't get run out of town by people who love here more than there so they move here then start trying to make here like there.

  16. 2 in the morning, excess noise, response? Impound their machines until the court case is heard and decided....Sound much more reasonable to me than excessive noise at 2:00 am.