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UMaine System Chancellor tours UMF campus

Among the faculty and staff who turned out to greet Malloy (right) were Jayne Decker, Instructor of Theater; Larry Ronco, Director of Teacher Education Accreditation; and Julie Davis, Director of Athletics, Fitness, and Recreation.

FARMINGTON - The University of Maine System's recently appointed Chancellor, Dannel Malloy, visited the University of Maine at Farmington last week as the first stop in his state-wide tour of the system's seven campuses.

Malloy brings 22 years of public service and leadership experience to Maine; the former Connecticut Governor is a champion of public higher education. As governor he led the effort to create the Board of Regents for Higher Education, bringing 17 community colleges and state universities into the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. His administration grew the state apprentice program by 40 percent and he supported $2.3 billion in investments at the University of Connecticut to advance the state’s bioscience industry and to grow enrollment in the engineering and the STEM fields.

“One of my first tasks is to meet with campus and community leaders throughout the state to learn more about campus collaboration and the facilities needs and planned investments at our institutions,” Malloy said. “UMF has a proud tradition of providing students with an affordable, high-quality liberal arts education. I am eager to work with President Serna and the UMF team to build on our One University progress and educate the 158,000 new credentialed workers we need to build the state economy and continue delivering essential services to Maine citizens.”

In his remarks delivered to members of the UMF community, Malloy acknowledged the impact of those who work at UMF, where nearly half of all students are the first in their families to seek a four-year college degree.

“Through your efforts with students you have the power and the opportunity to affect intergenerational change. I just want to get around to personally say, if no one has said it to you lately, thank you for the work you do,” he said.

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  1. Google >Dannel Malloy, Connecticut
    Let's see if this gets posted

  2. Many of us already "know" about Malloy in CT. Some details came out when he was selected for this job. It's not news anymore.

    But he's a success story - in my opinion. Hope he gets a chance in this current position.

    In case you didn't know, look at this aspect of his life.

  3. Marie E, You can't dispute the facts>As of July 2018, he had a 21% job approval rating and a 71% disapproval rating, making him the second least popular and third most disliked governor in the United States.
    Time will tell

  4. Being Governor is such a different job that it's really irrelevant to harp on that. It's not like it means anything or can change anything. He'll either do well and succeed or he won't. But it'll be moving forward, not looking back. And, to be sure, Harry Truman was extremely disliked when he left office. Judging a politician (who got re-elected) on polls really says very little about how well he or she would do in other pursuits. It often reflects the context of the moment. So to me, his actions moving forward matter. The past is irrelevant - and harping on it generates only impotence, it doesn't change anything.

  5. And there it is, that Erb wisdom that we so look forward to. NOT. Funny how the past when it comes to President Trump is fair game but not in this instance. You stated >"So to me, his actions moving forward matter" typical of the left.
    Like I said time will tell

  6. Taxpayer - I think Trump is criticized because of his actions as President, not because of whatever job he had before. Though it's a bizarre comparison - methinks thou doth protest too much.

  7. Scott, me think you have a new boss you don't want to piss off.

  8. Every job application i have ever seen ask about previous employment records.Let's not assume that someones past is irrelevant.Only a fool would hire someone without knowing something about them.Of course now we have the liberal all knowing people making decisions with their heart in hand and no common sense.

  9. Scott he (Trump) is constantly attacked for his past job. People call him a bad business man because he had bankruptcies yet his networth shows he made it back. Also they can’t get past literally anything from his past present or future. But to stay on topic this new chancellor will get a fair chance more than President Trump has.

  10. Aw c'mon guys.... Listen to Scott's words of wisdom... We should not even think or consider a persons past when he/she goes for a new job... (unless his name is Trump)... Give the guy a job and a pay raise above the prior person that worked there for many years... Plus if you work for him it is a bonus when you say good and great things...