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UMF student named George Mitchell Peace Scholar

UMF student Drew Kelso, named 2018 George Mitchell Peace Scholar

FARMINGTON - The University of Maine at Farmington has announced that Drew Kelso, a junior from Hampden, was selected as a 2018 George Mitchell Peace Scholar. Kelso’s scholarship will take him to the city of Cork on the south coast of Ireland where he will study for a semester at the University College Cork of the National University of Ireland in spring 2019.

The prestigious scholarship honors the Northern Ireland peace accord brokered in 1998 between Ireland and the United Kingdom by Senator Mitchell. The scholarship covers tuition and fees, housing and includes a supplemental stipend.

“I am so honored to be considered a George Mitchell Peace Scholar,” said Kelso. “This is a unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge, grow friendships and exchange ideas halfway around the world.”

At UMF, Kelso has a double major in actuarial science and applied mathematics and a minor in coaching. His strong academic interests drew him to Farmington, the only college in Maine with a program in actuarial science—a program that is also embraced by University College Cork.

During his time at UMF, Kelso has taken every opportunity to pursue his interest in the mathematical discipline that assesses statistical and financial risk. Kelso has participated in undergraduate internships with both Actuarial Designs & Solutions and Unum—during which he worked online with his counterparts in Ireland. He will be completing his third internship with Aetna this summer in Atlanta.

Students in UMF’s Interdisciplinary Studies program can concentrate in actuarial science and acquire the broad knowledge of mathematics, computer science, business and economics needed for this high-demand profession.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Kelso has worked on campus for two years as a tutor and supplemental instructor in math and philosophy. He is a volunteer student assistant coach at UMF. Kelso was selected as a UMF Michael D. Wilson scholar. He also started a club for actuary students and serves as its president.

The George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship is an agreement between Maine and Ireland for a student exchange at the University level. The first Peace Scholarship exchanges took place during the 1999-2000 academic year. The University of Maine System awards one full scholarship or two one-semester scholarships per year.

To be selected for the George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship, students’ applications are reviewed by a University of Maine System committee comprised of study abroad professionals. Selection criteria includes high academic achievements, leadership skills, commitment to community service and the ability to promote the scholarship to the academic and wider community.

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  1. Wonderful honor.

  2. I received this same award and studied at University College Cork in spring of 2016! I love seeing new scholars when they are announced. It really is the most wonderful opportunity. I am absolutely sure he is about to embark on one of his life's greatest adventures. :)