Franklin Countys First News

Western Maine’s wildlife captured by area photographers

"While in the Rangeley area a few days ago I was lucky to be able to get some pictures of a family of deer. I noticed a couple of young ones nipping playfully at each other. Suddenly mom had had enough (of me I think?). She jumped over a snow bank. But before the young ones would follow her, it looked like one leaned over and kissed the other one and they were gone." - Jim Knox of Wilton

"When the air traffic controller fell asleep!" - Jane Naliboff of Vienna

A Sharp-Shinned Hawk checks out the snack bar behind my house in Wilton this Wednesday. - Tony Nazar of Wilton

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  1. Great pictures, keep them coming.

  2. beatiful, thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful pictures. It's seeing and living among wildlife like this that makes these Maine winters a little more bearable. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The "kissing deer" are superb. Watching wildlife is a great great way to enjoy this time of year.

  5. Refreshing and inspiring. A delight to view. A great diversion from the human world!

  6. Great pictures, love the deer Jim.