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Wilton Senior Housing ribbon cutting opens new gazebo

John Matlack does the honors of cutting the ribbon to the new gazebo.

Wilton - Wilton Senior Housing unveiled their newly constructed gazebo on Wednesday with an Alabama BBQ catered ribbon cutting. The previous gazebo caved in over the winter during the March mega-storm, prompting WSH to build another for their patrons to enjoy.

Ribbon cut and ready to welcome folks.

The ruined gazebo was purchased prebuilt and was not sturdy enough to hold the weight from the mass of snow.  The newly finished outdoor gathering structure has all the bells and whistles, while being constructed such that it can withstand what Maine winters are capable of.

"We wanted taller walls for more head room and included outlets, a ceiling fan and a motion detection light source," John Matlack, project manager of Wilton Senior Housing, said. "It was made on solid concrete compared to previously a movable slab."

Fortin Construction out of Auburn built the gazebo in three rain soaked weeks to also match the theme and color of the surrounding company buildings.

"We were really excited to do this for the tenants," Director of Property Management at Weston Associates Incorporated, Patricia Cooper said.


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