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Wilton standoff ends peacefully

WILTON - For several hours last night, police surrounded a High Street house in a standoff with a man reportedly armed with a handgun who had barricaded himself in his home.

At between 10 and 11 p.m. Thursday night, police responded to the report of a domestic disturbance. On arrival, police found a man and woman who had been engaged in a heated dispute, according to the police report.

The situation escalated and police were forced to separate the woman and 24-year-old man. The man, not identified by police because he hasn't been charged as of this report, was armed, police say, with a handgun and engaged police in an armed standoff. After refusing to comply with police commands to surrender his weapon, the armed subject ultimately barricaded himself in his home.

Area law enforcement officers with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and Farmington Police Department, assisted the Wilton officers in setting up a perimeter and sealing off the area. Wilton Police Chief E. Page Reynolds led the negotiation process with the man. After several hours, Reynolds was able to talk the man into putting down his weapon and surrendering to police. He was taken into police custody, but no charges have been filed as of yet, as the man is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Reynolds said he was grateful for a "safe and successful conclusion of the incident," in that there were no injuries to the man or the police. More details of this incident are being withheld as police have indicated it is an ongoing investigation.

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8 Responses »

  1. way to go Chief Reynolds

  2. Excellent job, Chief.

  3. Great job Chief and WPD!

  4. Thanks Chief! Nice Job & thanks for keeping everyone safe & coming back to our service.

  5. Exactly where, on High Street, did this occur? And were neighbors notified this was going on?

  6. Either there was more than one incident in the same night or the papers don't have their facts straight. This happened right next door to me and I saw a different scene. And no, we were not informed. We only found out because we heard footsteps in the snow right outside our window. I am glad all ended well.

  7. At least Wilton now has some honest police officers working for the town. Good for them.

  8. Kim where do you live on high street in Wilton??? I am glad all ended with no one getting hurt,and I do hope the man gets help,which he is out of the hospital already,so now its time for the Wilton Police dept to do their job and arrest him and put him in jail where he belongs,I am afraid!!!! I live on High street !!!